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Well I thought I would just post this for future reference.

I got up to my wildlife park today in the Lea Valley and I cycled a bit further than I did previously. Was not a great idea but it could have been worse?

First of all I was sweating like mad and had to take off my very light jacket and tie the arms around my neck. I then had to roll up my sleeves on my tee thin jumper! It was very mild today, or hot to me!

Also annoying was that I had my groin pain playing up to and it was distracting! I only hope it dies down as I get fitter over time?! Considering the pains I was thinking about the pains that I get at the to of my shoulder joints. It's just a pain in the arse, no the shoulder joint, to have it and I was thinking about how before I discovered Fibromyalgia I thought the pain was connected to the frozen shoulder pains I get. It just goes to show just how things can be easily over looked!

What I thought was connected to the shoulder so therefore one and the same problem turns out nor only to be different but was a very key thing that would have identified Fibromyalgia?! Possibly! Though they should have realised this was Fibromyalgia with what was already recorded in my medical notes!

Mind you I do have to say that they were aware of the shoulder pain and if just one of the three dozen idiots I spoke to knew anything at all about Fibromyalgia they would have asked me if I get a pain atop my shoulder joint! After all the shoulders, knees, hips, back, feet, restless legs syndrome, restless arms too and the skin conditions are all listed. More besides too and I just remembered the Costochondritis, or whatever it was called scientifically but commonly known as Chest Wall Pain.

So yes it was a difficult day and I got tired too! More rutted than I expected to in fact considering how easy it was the first time!
The funny thing is that other than the fact it literally is the condition from hell, or at least made this way by the authorities who are supposed to help patients and not themselves, I would and do find the condition rather fascinating! I found certain things fascinating and in all honesty and stated this several times previously I thought I would get a lot of attention from Doctors interested in figuring it out but I did not, not one. Of course if they all knew what I had then it madness perfect sense that no one raised an eyebrow and investigated me! After all if your into any science the one thing you would love is discovering something new! You can get yourself and your name published in a journal, write and publish a book on it and may even get anything new named after you!

After awhile my suspicions were aroused when time after time this just failed to happen. Nobody seemed bothered and nobody seemed to care. In fact it was quite the opposite as if it turned out to be wrong or I disagreed they would seem frustrated by this! In fact a Portuguese GP at Forest Road Medical Centre did not like the fact I starred I am not a gambling man but would very her money that I did not have Plantar fasciitis, as I starred to every Doctor at this surgery. In fact she seemed annoyed as she had a medical student with her so she grabbed my foot and pressed into the sole of my foot at the point where the arch meets the heel and it hurt. She said 'well that is Plantar fasciitis!' I was dumbstruck that she managed to pinpoint the pain like that and assumed I must be wrong? Except I spent the next ten years going through every single treatment for Plantar fasciitis even up to orthotic insults costing £100 a pair and not a single bloody thing worked and I was soon back on the belief it was not Plantar fasciitis.

So I threw everything at the NHS to see what they would do along with what mistakes they made and every single department I was sent to write literally contradicted the last diagnosis and did so as I recorded them!!
The funny thing is that it never occurred to anyone and I wonder if it does today that things for me must have been pretty terrible for me to plan and plot for as long as I have done?! Yet these are intelligent people and those I battled with in recent times now all know about this blog! If I was any one of them I would be quite worried about the possible outcomes of all this.

But then I guesses of I was allowed to speak, allowed to recall which was good and convenient with my memory lapses and refused to desk with more than one condition at a time and had more than 7 minutes to explain we would have found out what was to with me a long time ago?!

Well that was if they ever wanted to of course! But as you know what I have provided here makes it look pretty obvious and therefore highly likely that they did know what was wrong, for a length of time anyway, and refused to tell me what it was. In fact many of you would have noted that on the recordings of various Doctors and then in the discharge letters by the same Doctors I recorded they completely contradicted themselves! This happened with two Physios, Inguinal Hernia specialist, back specialist, neurologist, bipedal mechanic specialist (or whatever he was called), umm another Doctor to with umm something with very I recorded!

Oddly despite what anyone may think about my insistence I had a neurological disorder it really matters not. Because that foot guy I cannot remember stated that I must have a neurological disorder and I stated I had Restless Legs Syndrome and he raised an eyebrow and stated that was my problem then, after getting over the fact he could not diagnose it and some as if I was lying. Was not the first either to do that either. His name was Mark and he was recorded also... err I think, lol.

He made the best connection ever by a million miles when his eyes went wide when he realised, after testing me by adding what drugs I was given for it, I do indeed have restless legs syndrome! The best! Based on what he says I was convinced he was on the money. Also everyone was told about the fact that the RLS was brought on by caffeine! Yet both of these along with everything else was linked to Fibromyalgia too!!
So what the reality of all this is that for way over 15 years God knows how many dozen NHS Doctors failed time after time after time to identify the problem. Many disagreeing with me and even reacting annoyed half the time. I even mentioned the accidents I had stating that they could the the link!

But what is now obvious and plain to see is that each time that I suggested a link I was told and quite literally in no uncertain terms that this was not possible!

What I now know to be true is that not only was it possible but that with each suggestion I made I was bang on the money. Even the diagnosis of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease was wrong but not far off the mark!
But this was what I had intended when I started off on my quest and did so with this blog. To find a way to get to the truth and despite the truth being kept from me that enough would be said with all the many 'professionals' I would meet that enough chutes would be dropped in conversation that would somehow lead me to what I had so desperately wanted to know for what seemed like forever!

Now to me I see it that a very long list of very bad Doctors and health professionals have got away with being extremely bad or lying through their teeth or wire probably both most of the time!

In fact I see the frustration they showed me because I was disagreeing and backing them into a corner they could not talk their way out of?!

Of course the stakes had become far higher because anyone that looked at my records would realise that my symptoms started 20 years ago and that even in recent years my medical records listed way more than enough symptoms to have led these professionals to the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia?!

The problem they have with all that now is that it was three people that diagnosed it and not one if them. The three people were me, myself and I! Lol!

This is just a mere few pieces of the jigsaw really but I think that with just this single post, no laid out report and no bullet points that it simply just creates a very detailed picture. I like to think an obvious picture? This is also just one branch of what I have achieved. The subject of the NHS GP Surgeries and what they do to patients if they think they can get away with it goes on! Anyone reading this oust for the first time or even only red a few recent posts wool be quite interested to know that if you use the search box you can gain access to and are free to use the scans, letters, emails, recorded audio and even videos if it is relevant to your own plight.

I thought when I stated that it would be great to help other innocent people along the way? Other people that studied they might be innocent victims of prior who swore an oath to help people? I have a very long list of people that not only broke that oath but also lied for their own personal gain despite being paid a humongous salary out of the British taxpayers pocket!

Yes that is what I call saving money and being efficient during a financial crisis is to get hundreds of thousands of health professionals to bit so their jobs properly despite the annual salary bill!

In fact I see the governments meddling and closing things down as just more ways to not help people with ailments! Remember this is if they can! They do not really help people dying of cancer either and I should know as I watched a friend slowly die with no help our support whatsoever!

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