Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well this is a bizarre one?!

Of all newspapers the Daily Star has what seeks at first to be the most bizarre theory but is the only theory that actually makes any sense once thought about?!

After all this missing Boeing Jet is just pain crazy and beggars belief.

In the link you will see that the aircraft was taken over by terrorists to crash the aircraft on a secret island that is used by the US who have an installation on it?!

Hmm considering they are making it obvious that they do not want the Russians getting the tactical edge in Crimea and now reading this you do have to start wondering?!

I am very interested to know exactly where this alleged island is supposed to be?

I am also interested to know the details that just be doing the rounds for a theory like this to even pop up?! 

There just be something in the way of rumours?

It would explain how everyone had been very cagey about the details to this aircraft. For me it does and is the first thing to make any sense. I wonder if it will remain the only thing to make any sense?!

Now I am also interested to know whether or not their is anyone rise who is out their in the field, so to speak, who is actively pursuing this storyline?

I also wonder if they might be a works wide media frenzy into hiring boats, ships, aircraft to all go viewing any islands that exist?!

It really would be quite disturbing above and beyond anything else including the snooping if this turned out to be factual!

Also what better way to bring worldwide attention to a secret installation on a secret island than to crash an aircraft onto it?! Oooh boy the absolute future furore that this will bring about will be unbelievable! I might even have to squint and wince before posting attention to journalists quizzing American politicians over this?!
Hmm I wonder of this was leaked via Wikileaks or Edward Snowdon and that this might come to light in the coming days and weeks?!

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