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Forenote: For sometime I suspected something and as the symptoms of Fibromyalgia began to unfold before me the long since wondered about subject started to look more and more obvious and yet I never dreamed that I could be right. APOLGIES FOR THE FORMATTING BUT AFTER PASTING ALL 'COMMANDS' WENT BACKWARDS?! lol! (from OfficeSuite Pro on Android to Open Office?!)

This post I first typed out on a Sunday the 26th of January 2014 but I have just noticed it is 12.22am so actually Monday 27th January 2014.

If you look up that date on here, this blog, you will note that I posted a large amount of posts?

I have been planning this one for sometime and though I am typing this out now it will not be posted for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two. But believe me when I say it has been planned for a very long time.
Now as I have often posted about I experience well over 100 symptoms with my condition and have listed them in detail. Of course when I started out little did I know just how well my predictions would end up turning out and with the discovery of the condition of Fibromyalgia I was over the moon. But along with these conditions I listed there was one I held back on. Held back because I could not quite out my finger on it previously but now think I can. It has been spotted by a great many people over the years including family and friends including friends of friends that ran away that pointed it out after just a few meetings.

Now here is where I am going to confuse the issue a little but so that I may make it clearly understood at the end with the intention of bringing about a shock realisation that will have you in fits of laughter! Hopefully.
This condition as I refer to it is not recognised as a condition as such and certainly has not by anyone that has noticed it! At least they have not mentioned it as a condition, as such. Or at least some have insinuated to something without realising I knew what they were hinting at, meaning they thought themselves more knowledgeable about my conditions than I was and got it wrong. Very wrong. They could have asked and I MAY have told them but then I have found many are not very good at listening. In fact I have found that people are better then reading than listening and hence why there is more on here than the tiny proportion of corruption items I have on my YouTube account which I had long before this blog was started. But people can be drawn back to a good read so I chose this format. Hopefully the level of work, effort, time and honesty I put into it with my shot from the hip and blunt honesty would appeal and word of mouth would do the rest. I did actually start out saying it was also a kind of social experiment. I did think that the speed with which the number of visitors rose would give me an idea and a set of numbers to work out just how selfish and amoral a society we had become in Britain?! But the numbers alone will not show me this and I need to get numbers from elsewhere to compare and find this out with any certainty.

Now for my condition. Others have seen this as a gift, a blessing you could say and yet nothing could be further from the truth. I have referred to this condition s great many times but this was mostly to strike fear into my enemies as I could to consider that they could start perusing it for pointers at any time. I do happen to have had experience of being sought out before by one industry I have indeed covered on this blog. I have eben provided details to this being singled out too. But as I start to unravel my theory to this gift and how it has actually been a curse I am going to state that I believe this is a factor of my condition, at least in part?
Now as I do this you are going to have to bare in mind that the very object of all my problems, at least on the surface, is the NHS. Keep this in mind and the realisation of the title of this post will start to make sense that should have you laughing like a drain that when it comes out that just how stupid the NHS and its controllers are going to look.

No two ways about it, extremely damaging if I have not done enough damage to them already. More importantly it will have politicians shuffling uncomfortably in their seats when I show just how idiots should not get involved in things they know fuck all about.

This post will of course put a huge amount of weight to everything else and everyone else I ever posted about!

This condition or gift or, as I would call it, curse would indeed be my intellect. It has gotten me into a great deal of tro8uble and has amazed me on many occasions. I can get stuck over the simplest things and the next day5 work out something that should take hours in a few seconds.

OK so yes I am smart but I think there is more to it and I BELIEVE NOW that this is my condition of Fibromyalgia. At the time of writing this I have absolutely nothing to post in the way of links to show any evidence of this. I may even look bgetw2eenh now and the time of posting and not find any evidence of this. But if and WEN I get to speak to some real top specialists they may confirm it or actually realise I am onto something and help them pinpoint something new.

I am wired all the time and I have alluded to this previously. This does not conclude that I am mad, or that I lie, or imagine things either. I have left clues throughout this blog and did not even know I was doing it. I hate puzzles and have to work them out. I did a degree in computing and acquired the highest score for my dissertation out of 200 students. I have experienced the most extreme mental blocks on simple things while seeing the most complex things as easy. It is very weird!

But then if you look back in the blog you will see the times when I oddly fall asleep for absolutely no reasn at all often in the afternoons. Sometimes waqking up very late, which annoys me!

Yes I did call it a curse. It gets me into trouble. People who start off envious end up hating me and I hint towards this many times throughout this blog when I mention things that I long for! Fibromyalgia is not what it states on the tin! Yes many muscles (fibro) hurt (algia) and this can occur anywhere and in any number. I kid you not on that one. But it has many other symptoms that are not do with pain. There are things like skin conditions and the like. But then there are other types of pain like heartburn and added to this is anxiety and depression. These latter two and for the record are just two things that have affected me long before the point thirteen years ago when my feet started hurting too and I started to apply pressure to GPs and their Surgeries. Thirteen years of pressurising GPs and their surgeries and yes you read that correctly.

Indeed my own Half of Shame Part Two about a mont or two after the first one will list the names of every single GP from every single surgery as well as the owners of the surgeries and the same list for hospitals, departments and specialists too.

It is my theory that I have been left with this condition for so long without any help or support and had such dire and horribly painful and heartbreaking situations affect me that it did something to my brain, and I do mean literally. I started to work things out a great deal faster and was kind of a survival response to my horrors. Each time I went through something horrific up it went again as after all what does not kill you only makes you stronger? Or SMARTER!! I have a list of things that many others have committed suicide over and I have survived. Over time I was having my already reasonably high intellect leaping forwards some what. So many times now I have lost count in all honesty and many of them are on here. Now if you was to ask me if ALL of them was on here I would say that I simply do not know.

So hopefully now you have already or now beginning to realise the more the NHS disregarded me the more they made me a more formidable threat due to the horrors they forced me to live through?!
Now anyone worth their salt that knows anything about anything when it comes to Fibromyalgia will confirm that it is a scrambling of the nerve signals that could literally do almost anything. They will also confirm that this also affects something called the FLIGHT OR FIGHT response.

Now I had already had several symptoms not only weird but unique that already confirmed in my mind that Fibromyalgia was what I had but when I read this it explained some of the most darkest moments in my life, all of them and the confusion I found from each occurrence. The best example of this in recent times was what happened with the Bailiffs.

When I was rammed from behind and knocked onto my wooden stairs everything went dark and this was not the first time this had happened and I have witnesses to it happening the last time, 3 family members in fact I can tell you have not the slightest clue that they did nor the serious nature of this condition. Indeed they wanted to band about the very obvious and very WRONG diagnosis of me which I simply ignored. When I came to after blacking out a guy twice my size in weight but all blubber was being held off the ground by his throat with only my left hand. He was VERY scared as was his mate. Between the stairs and me nearly killing him I do not recall anything! Yet after they went and took my stuff I went down hill fast and could not handle it and for the fecking love of all that is holy I could not understand why this happened like that!
I have always taken on opponents in numbers while I was on my own. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood and was always protecting my friends from being picked upon. I was notorious for this and even having some mothers moan at my mother if I had not spent anytime with their sons for a few weeks as they did not get bothered when hanging around me!

But for all the times that I have taken on things quite dangerous or outnumbered by attackers I have had things that should not bother me leave me in a crumbling mess on the floor! One of the worst things of being a crumbling mess on the floor is being faced with being homeless. I kid you NOT!
So each time I was reduced to a suicidal crumbling mess and every year I went without seeing my daughter who was having the childhood from hell that I felt so guilty about and left there by the authorities, I became smarter, tougher and angrier. At the same time I become very good at controlling my anger and before long I found a way that I could use this completely normal emotion of anger and use it against all those that had done both me and my daughter a severe injustice!!

As annoying and as self absorbed as my family can be at times they have not had a good time of it either!
From all that came the utter sheer hatred of all the trio of DWP, NHS and Local Councils and as my ability to spot patterns improved this recognition of corruption within the unholy trinity just lead me to all the others like greased lightning.

So you can see where the hatred has now come from and the ability to defeat them stemmed from them, themselves. I said it before several times and I will say it again now I have PROVED IT. THEY CREATED ME!
That was several years ago now and I realised that all I needed now was a cunning plan and a few years to wait while I set about putting it all in motion and setting my traps. This now only leaves me with one single solitary word to end on...
So from the beginning I stated that there will be many things left to the last and I hope that had been clear in the first free months of 2014? Some of these things that were to be left to last were done so for many reasons and one was to allow my enemies to keep digging themselves into a hole they could not get out of while I stood at the top invisible to their gaze while building a wall up reminiscent of a well to make it ever more impossible for them to climb out of!

Some of the things to be left to last were merely because I knew the facts but would take time to prove and best if it be towards the end anyway.

Others I just knew I was right about and that with my latest and determined mission I knew that I would work out the details to show I was right and on the instance of my conditions I think you will agree, of you have read enough posts, that my self diagnosis of Fibromyalgia could not have been more fitting if it were a silk glove weaved by a team of angels and fairies?

Last but not least are the remaining targets I have been leading on and feeding rope to allow them to hang themselves. Now it just so happens that almost with perfect timing I am to highlight these targets over the next few months. Or more accurately in the last few months prior to posting this.

They would be the News Media who despite what they make themselves out to be have now shown that they will simply not mention someone who has to much damaging information on those running things. Meaning only that there is an invested, ultimately meaning MONEY, interest. As one in particular played a large part, READ RESPONSIBLE, in my father's death and covered up the fact they were a paedophile ring for decades this would be the BBC.

But they are all guilty on one level or another I am afraid and very sorry to have to say.

More worryingly would be a society where they operated that allowed them to continue in the same vein as before?!

One person cannot do it alone and it takes everyone in British Society to make an informed decision and then stand up and say NO MORE.


Now apart from some tying up of lose ends and I did say a few months back that there was little more I could do beyond August 2014 and the second anniversary of my blogging about corruption. That does not mean the blogs will stop. But actively there is little more I can do except for post my opinions about the odd bullshit, sorry I mean news report? After all I have a body that is seriously screwed up despite looking fit. I simply do not have the energy to expand out further on what I have achieved. The only thing that could ossify still be in play by then could be the Fibromyalgia referral either appointments still going on or me going nuts because they have not occurred, and pictures of a GP's broken jaw?! Sorry, I just had to get about broken GP jaw jibe in there somewhere?! Lol! I cannot say there will not be the odd opportunity here and there and if the opportunity arises I will of course take it. There is of course another possible outcome that could keep me going more actively. In fact by the time I am ready to post this that possibility may have presented itself?! If so I will have mentioned it by now in a post had it presented itself or mention it at the foot of this post if it is a possibility.

I should imagine that by August if this possibility had not revealed itself I doubt that it would fire whatever reason. Well there is always the possibility of that dreaded BUTTON!

I referenced this the same night as I have not been able to sleep...

I used the search terms: Fibromyalgia "increased brain activity"

This means the words in speech parenthesis are search for in that EXACT PHRASE asking with the word Fibromyalgia anywhere else on the same page. Old trick of many. It is currently 4.04am and night be decayed I am out if both sertraline and/or amitryptaline? I had decided to not take anymore detainee dye to the kidney/urinary tract infection but that has now been shown as bloody clear.

"Fibromyalgia patients have also been demonstrated to have increased brain activity in some areas"

So heightened brain activity then?! Hmm!
"A major advance in the understanding of fibromyalgia has been the recognition that fibromyalgia patients have changes in the working of their central nervous system (i.e. brain and spinal cord) that leads to an 

Amplified experience of pain."
This I understood but often in areas that are not affected by Fibromyalgia I have experience a desensitivity to
 pain. Common one is slashing forearms and hands after cutting Rose bush and not raising until much later.
I can refer back to an original conversation with Dr Assizi who says I had a heightened sensitivity to pain, suggesting he KNEW and over a year later saw him again and prescribed gabapentin, to which I disagreed and stated I had a high pain threshold (dentist thought so) and he says word for word "It does not work like that" to which we had a short conversation and he said and I quote "you will make a most interesting patient".
I never saw him again for well over a year because I was being quite deliberately messed around by Orthopaedics who lied and said they discharged me because I failed to turn up for MRI on my knees! Lied because I never WAS given an appointment. I then decided to pull and trick him on the back MRI and discovered they had scanned the wrong part of my back. One third of my back is far less of a problem then the other two third but they managed to MRI the healthiest part?! A simple X-Ray I had dinner a year later at Orthopaedics showed exactly TWO THINGS. NHS saw this and first admitted that there was but it then miraculously did not sure up on an MRI?!
I HAVE THOSE RECORDINGS TOO AND INVOLVED DOCTORS WHITE, SAKSENA AND TAI. Dr White I saw at Potters Bar Community Hospital which my GP at the time INSISTED did not exist. But then when I took an overdose and then called them they rang me while I was passed out and decided I did not need them and went home to do something?! That was Carlton House Surgery in Tenniswood Road in 



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