Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I always find this sort of report somewhat strange.

It seems odd that there is a body that looks out for so many workers and yet there is little for sections of society much more vulnerable.

Do not get me wrong I do hate workers being taken advantage of and especially when those at the top take several times or more the salary and not a penny less. Also it really does put the bankers to shame with those bonuses still being flung about like confetti!

The reality of this financial crisis has shown us that above all else those that get paid to much claim they are because of the risks they take and work they do and that everything depends on them. But this is not so because the one thing they have consistently shown us all throughout is that they have no grasp at all in reality! With that in mind how would anyone place so much on the shoulders of so few so far removed from the real world?!

Well you just would not do it if you had any sense and any others that did have sense would put a stop to it, forthwith! Well you would think so at any rate but at God knows how many years into this dreadful financial crisis and with no end in sight, well other than those that think they can talk their way out of it, for so many people it is staggering some of the things that still go on.

Also what I find even mite hilarious is that here is an industry whereby a large portion of workers have been asked to lie and have done so for a long time. The rest of whom largely naive or in denial to that which is going on and had been reported about several times by various media groups?!

So for me with it looking like 95% of those I have come into contact with being...

1) Liars
2) Incompetent
3) Completely Naive

Are we now expected to feel sorry for them because those that lied for are now going to screw them over money?! Which is what we got screwed for basically!

EDIT: Hmm also read that the NHS were re-hiring staff?! LOL!

NHS pay squeeze sparks strike threat http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-26556047

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