Thursday, 6 March 2014


Right now then?!

Here is one I could have picked up and run with at any point when I did my little rants about George Osborne being wrong?!

I have dinner that enough times in over 18 months! Lol.

But every year since the financial difficulties in the United Kingdom started, almost or entirely, we have been told that the base interest rate as set by the Back of England would be raised the following year. It has never happened!!

Now I believe that there is a general election next year, in 2015? So the term is five years and the financial crises here in the UK stated previous to the last general election. So over four years and maybe five?

Now for almost all of that time we have had two lies consistently from George Osborne. Their plans are working and we are all in it together?!

You would know if their plans were working because the base interest rate would have moved! Even just a little in the upwards direction would have shown a continuing improvement along with an expectation that the improvement will be prolonged.

It has not nor will it for awhile yet?! Oh except for maybe right on top of the election there may be a miracle in this department?! Convenient timing that would prove to be!

As for the in it together remarks, well I for one took a cut of...


and I are say that almost every other disabled people wool say the same or very similar?!

Of course it now of highly likely that I was being underpaid at the time too?!

Despite what that so-called Doctor lied about at the so-called Independent Tribunal! Lol!

Oops! I just beer that the tribunal service might have been to thinking SK along that they would escape my focus?!

Why, nooo sorry to disappoint! You received a few mentions early on but I do like to bring version people back to the fore once the numbers of visitors have refer the tens of thousands to border a hundred thousand?!

The tribunal service is pure farcical and a setup and do not act in the interests of the person making the claim.
My documents naming all those involved are on here but there was a changing of the triple guard which O thought rather bizarre and a whole list of questions that the so-called splinter Doctors should have asked me and yet there was only one that they ask which is entirely irrelevant and completely reveals themselves into having a secret agenda that fires not involve the welfare of the person with I'll health sitting before them.
This was not merely suspicious but a dead give away that they were working for and biased towards the Department of Work and Pensions.

Indeedy it was through them that I was able to then pick up on the signs and what to look for and what to say to catch out every single organisation and company that I came into contact with from there on in!!

I was not asked about my health at all by this Doctor?! Not one of the of the dozen symptoms that were the main ones on my mind at the time?! In fact here was yet another example where yet another so called Doctor could have spotted what I was afflicted by!! She sat there all pompous and authoritarian as if she was the head Doctor for Her Royal Highness the Queen herself!! She spoke as if she knew everything in medicine?!

Of course not only did I not buy her crap, not only did I realise she was going to rule against me by the time I was fifty yards from the building but I also knew something that I have made absolutely clear on here from day one?!

I knew that in the end I would win by simply finding out what they were obviously going out of there way not to deal with but I would find the answers to in the end and will prove what I stated all along and prove what I stated about all of them!

If I was not sure of any of this out would have been completed suicide in not ways than one to start this blog!!


Oh yes it has not escaped my notice that it is now March and I stated that I would publish the last part of the Architects series which kind of really explains something that rely makes all of them complete and utterly stupid and brain dead!!

Lmao!! Yes weekend after this one I will go over the written piece and then post it up.


UK interest rates kept at record low

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