Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I figured through a copy of PC PRO Magazine today because I saw something of an interesting article noted on the cover.

PC Pro is an old favourite magazine of mine that had not give downhill, or I have not noticed that at any rate.
Curiously they did an article on something I recently posted about and have dinner a few times, smartphones.
In fact in particular it was just two smartphones one that I constantly rant about and one I just bought. I actually did a comparison of the two phones myself but nowhere near to the extent that PC Pro has! One is the Apple iPhone 5S and my new Moto G.

They do a rather interesting breakdown of the components piece by piece and state constantly about how the two phones are not that far apart in terms of power and screen quality and yet are oceans apart in terms of price. In fact they even provided the total costs of the manufacture of each phone!

There was not much in it with the Moto G costing around $100 or $109, cannot recall correctly, and the iPhone costing about $120 odd, again if I recall correctly. What I have now discovered is interesting about the two prices is that I forgot to note what memory size the iPhone was and am pretty sure the Moto G was the 8GB one? There were done things that Google were paying less than Apple for, which I thought the wing way round. But at the end of the day, yes the Moto G had a minimal profit of around $30 to $50 whereas Apple... $11ty Million, lol!

Well oddly I have just realised that they did use US Dollars to keep things simple but now realised it had complicated things?! This is because I am sure that they said Apple were making $450 but they have got confused or I have. This is because that in British Pounds this would translate to around £400 give our take fifty quid? Except there is no way you can buy the iPhone for that in the UK and I am sure they range from £550 to £700?!
I will have to pick up a copy and read it at some point over the next week. But it was nice to finally see someone actually asking the questions that I do! Yes OK the Moto G is ridiculously cheap I admit. But Apple are more ridiculously expensive than the Moto G is  ridiculously cheap!
Oddly I saw a question referring to asking yourself why, or ulterior motives, manufacturers price their products the way they do. In fact it occurred to me that the remarks about the Moto G phone on the Internet should have had me realise sooner. It was purely designed to sell in large numbers, fast! In doing so Google would not only keep a great deal of people on their operating system but also acquire a large number of new ones too. My Windows Nokia mate I think will switch over to the Android OS and may do this sooner now he has seen what the Moto G can do?! He also works around water too so the water repelling nature of the Moto appeals to him.

That leads me on to the fact I said the word 'repellant' and not 'proof'! After owning the Moto G a week or so I suddenly realised that on the Moto G's box it stated it was water repellant! Now I am not entirely sure why but one of the reasons I dived in and bought one was that I had it in my head it was water proof?! I assumed that it had the same nano-coating that the Sony Xperia Z has?! Now I am not exactly sure and will be disappointed if it is not water proof! Good job I found out it was not before it ended up getting a dunking!
So I am currently convinced that several reviewers worded things wrong in their review?! Many of you already know I am suspicious of reviews anyway and that deliberately steering the word 'proof' instead of 'repellant' would sell more phones! I wish I could remember who the reviewers were that stated this as I would email then and give them a ticking off and asked them what they received to say that in the first place?!

OK maybe for the price a nano-coating is expecting a bit much but it was reading this that made me plump for this phone! It is the only reason I decided that I could live with no SD CARD slot!

I will have to find out because now the warmer weather is here I am around water on a daily basis even without it raining! I cycle along a river to go to a wildlife park that is full of lakes, ponds and other rivers! My friends store had fish and amphibians in it and a river runs past my front garden! That is before stating that I currently do not drive so it's at the mercy of the elements when I am out, lol!

But then I believe that with the cost of most of the phone being £300 to £700 depending on where you but our who your ripped off by, eh Very, that they should all be bloody waterproof anyway! We live in a planet that is 90% water on its surface and it rains, a lot in some places! Plus smart phones are actually smart mobile phones so intended to be taken outside on a daily basis! I think that with this in mind it had been dreadfully lacking of the manufacturers not to waterproof everything £300 and over long before now! Well several years ago I owned a Motorola Defy I paid £245 for and that was waterproof! Oh yes OK it was not nano-coated but rather cleverly had few sockets and each had a rubber seal cover and it worked well! But the nano-costing is here now and the Sony Xperia Z has even been replaced once and soon will have been again.

Hmm I wonder if the reviewers for the Nexus 5 phone are now hiding their faces in shame for stating that the LG Nexus 5 cost close to £300 to manufacturer and that the profit margin was tiny?! Yes mate and as PC Pro have now stated an iPhone 5S is a much more premium feeling phone and costs under £100!!

Muppets!! Lol!

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