Monday, 10 March 2014


Well it seems sudden bizarre things seem to be happening on a more regular basis?!

It must be some kind of fluke or mistake.

However I must admit to what I have now noticed for the second time as being something I was aware could happen before I even blagged repeatedly on my blogs.

This is because I am a member of a number of sites that go back a fair few years with some. A couple of weeks back I started to notice that each time I looked on there I found there was a huge number of people that has clicked on me. I am talking shot mire then usual, like 1000% increase! This was in a site called Hi5. Now it seems to be happening on its sister site of Tagged?!

I think there must be done sort of big in their system? It may seem more suspicious because it is now two sites but Tagged and Hi5 I am sure ate more the same company, or owners at least?

I have a profile on Planet Personals I keep forgetting about and there is also Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Badoo and OK Cupid! Of I get around to looking on one of these at some point and find something similar happening on there then there must be something going on and likely to do with my blogs I imagine? It is quite strange really it just came out of the blue and never happened before. I did think they're might have been a possibility that it could happen or something like this.

Lol, I never thought to check whether the sudden increase in my popularity had stayed with people overseas?!

Maybe over the next couple of months it will just show itself for what it really is?

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