Monday, 24 March 2014


Seeming to have it all is never enough.

Sometimes I slowly wander with violins and trumpets filling my earn canals with sonic beauty and in a mere moment can go from melancholy to a veangeful beating.

I walk but not often awake.

Noise of a gentle breeze fills my ears while the trill of the Spring birdsongs fill the pauses between melodies. Long has it been a want to improve the sounds that drive my emotions and thoughts. Ways and means often considered with all avenues traversed mentally to assess viability.

But then there is always innuendo. The innuendo to end it all.

Time is now where forethought is becoming more the focus. What lies in wait for the time when the innuendo becomes reality if it all and by whatever means? This will surely take planning of the utmost importance and with careful precisions!

In any event of such arises the humdrums with evolve into a echoing beating of drums that will wash away in its wake any serene moments once known. All will change and dare I be the one to say at any moment and complteley obscured from my view. Once broken the fuse will be lit that will wreak havoc to that once familiar. This will need its own focus and therefore a plan and entirely different than anything gone before and with greater means necessary to hold steady the chaos that could ensue?

A loose plan has been long in the mind. Be fully aware of all avenues and in all directions possible. The avenues must be secluded from view and the aveues end unknown.

Contemplation must be entered for a time to consider new avenues not previously considered and a full analisation of the conclusions and possibilities of all paths that have opened themselves up to ones view.

Previous plans will alter or give way to things far more achieveing and in far less time than that of previous endeavours. The choices will be numerous beyond imagination but many paths will be laid with unforseen traps to many that one will have to try to predict the best one can. Further than before can ones touch reach out and more people it may reach out to.

The world has been everchanging but for the worse and those possibilities and alternatives must be explored in full before any possible implementation be considered.

To what possibilities there may be and to what end one just does not know. Many will not reveal themselves until such a time that the means and the tools have made themselves available to me and the areas considered will be of the starkest contrasts much of the time.

How powerful the tools and how powerful the message is still yet to be seen but near now is the time that approaches. Based on innuendoes some have emrged from the sea of mist to slowly reveal themselves as I casually wander.

I must endeavour to do all to the best of my abilities and should the abilities appear to not be good enough then honed they must be. Any new tools must be used with slight of touch by hands that feel almost familiar to the tools at hand. Time will likely be of the essence once it arrives and the tools readied to go at a mere moments notice.

There exists two innuendoes currently that suggest different paths and different times but other innuendoes have yet to be made and this has not gone unnoticed.

While two are left to simmer away the other two must be given a jolt and post this the time will pass by until the possibilities arise ti within ones reach.

A coincidence it is that this occurs just shy of summer's begin and the months that will slowly pass as I endeavour to build upon other things once started and intended before now to achieve. A strange divergence looks to now curiously merge ahead on the path the lies before me.

Those of once negative orations surprise by raising an eyebrow to the innuendo that has recently been made. But until made good an innuendo will be all that it remains to me.

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