Sunday, 2 March 2014


I thought this one I would post up just as a bit of a laugh...

Three was a BBC report about of communities on the web. I saw a picture of a bird, a British Great Tit to be precise, that had the arms of a human body builder photoshopped onto its body?!

It claimed there were while communities about this and one had 65,000 members?! How body odd do I find that and this number is higher than the number for this one big alone?! Madness?!?! Lol!

I do not know how long each community has been going to acquire the numbers it has. But it is funny how I actually think that the obvious comparison to my own blogs immediately hit me, well once I got over the shock, Lol.

I would be quite interested to know how long it took to get 65,000 in their forums?! But then forums do tend to start prior because they can communicate with new people on similar situations. Indeed I have also been requested to start a forum which I may well do at some point this year. Unfortunately forums tend to attract two types of people I am not overly fond of. First there are those with an insatiable need to feel important! Second three are those that might be in a subject for 5 minutes before being a member but once a member for a year or more assumes anyone knew had also been involved for 5 minutes! Like them when they started.

Also many things get stuff and many arguments flare up when really they have no way of knowing each others experiences or age even!

Yes I am not overly fond of forums and there would have to be a strict policy of no God complexes or any assumptions made of anyone new.

Five of the web's oddest communities

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