Sunday, 9 March 2014


Well this is an unexpected statement I must say?!

The third quarter of this year, I think they said, which runs from July to September the economy is to return to pre-crisis levels of 2008?! Well I must say it is a surprise!

First of all I know Wyatt a fair number of prior week day about this... cobblers! Then I shall remind them off the fact that an absolute mountain of white goods and a great deal of other things besides were destroyed in the floods! Now I have adjust state this and likely twice, three times with this post.

So yes a rise in public spending was pretty bloody obvious when you think about it! Someone else obviously realised this and thought they would get their name or organisation in the headlines?!


Oh well maybe the number of homes that were flooded out were more than I read about?!

Economy 'to hit 2008 peak by summer'

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