Monday, 31 March 2014


Idiot! Or liar?!

It really matters not to me as I make up my own mind and an very good at seeing the realities and avoiding the swathes of utter faeces floating about in the form of words!

This latest statement about the Police, I just don't know where their heads are at? Or maybe I should be asking; I do not know where they think our heads are at?! Lol!

Sometimes I do wonder and I wonder hard.

Maybe they see the public as losers and a waste of time? Maybe the majority of people either just do not see or just do not care?

For example I have been typing and posting on this blog for over 18 months and heading for two years now. In reality I have no way of knowing if the majority of people visiting are taking on board what I have laid out on the table? I would have trouble believing that anyone else out there could provide so many details, insights and evidence to so many industries at the same time? I could not even think of an organisation that attempts this? Now I think that the numbers I have seen as regards as my blog are suspicious and manufactured for whatever reason. After all the declarations and revelations that I have produced and continue to produce should have gone wild on the internet. Each and every industry should, in itself, attract very impressive numbers from the large number of victims and anyone linked to them. Despite the figures now getting impressive enough to attract attention from a series of businesses, authors and many more besides I thought I would get to this figure a year ago?!

Now I believe that even those that cannot immediately see the wood for the trees well get it eventually. Maybe they might go away from single posts disagreeing with me but find themselves back here in another agreeing? Maybe they will then realise, make a connection and then realise what I was getting at in the first post they read? Think of it as a slow burner.

But then again, maybe not?

I sometimes wonder if it could at all be possible that those in power of government think like that? Maybe when they explain things nobody takes any notice or they get no thanks for being honest? Maybe they just think they will say whatever they think the majority of the public need to hear?

Despite me not thinking this out is only right as well as fair and that is to consider all possibilities. This is the only way that they can be analysed to see if they fit what had gone on. Only then can you disregard them and move onto the next theory.

Of course this goes up in a ball of flame when professionals within an industry are caught red handed by me lying!

Today I had someone I know in my house and I will not state who he is. I will tell you that he starred a couple of things and one was obvious when you thought about it and one was a surprise. They stated that everyone lies and is up to no good! They have worked briefly with or for the Police and for Doctors and that they are dreadful and greedy and lie through their teeth! If you know this persons history and issues you would be surprised they said it!

This conversation took place because I was exposing the interest in my blog from companies as well as what had happened with my official NHS complaint through the GMC, NHS England and finally the PHSO. He was as stunned to hear what they asked me, the 'how much money do you want' question. That is four completely shocked people out of four, there is one that uttered 'nyeh!' like Gru's mother in the animated comedy Despicable Me? I was explaining how each of the Doctor's lied and how I caught them out and recorded most of them. I then explained what happened when one GP admitted to me what went on and that the NHS ties their arms around their back and holds them to ransom and then closes her practice after seeing my back X-Ray! That raised an eyebrow yet again and I thought I had already told them that part.

Difficult to keep track really and I do have a great deal to keep track of, even for someone without my issues and health problems!

But I was never one to give in and roll over, no matter what the odds. Though there were times I came close and find it highly amusing today that these times if rolling over and dying were actually caused by the very industry supposed to help prevent this, the National Health Service!

What I also find hilarious in my own dark way is the fact that every now and then they bleat on about voluntary euthanasia and how wrong and immoral it is and not allowed! Well this must be purely from a religious point of view, which I find a bit twisted in all honesty, because from what I have witnessed first hand their is little regard for both human life and human well being in the National Health Service!
Maybe I should become religious and be a catholic? Lol!

Police 'damaged but not broken'

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