Monday, 17 March 2014


I am having an odd moment. Though odd is the wrong word as these moments I have often but that which is odd is that I do not seem to have full control of some bodily functions!

It is a little like those times I refered to whereby I fall sleep in the afternoons yet beyong aabout 3 or 4 years back this would never occur in a million years. Never. Oddly my grandmother went through the ecat same thing and yet just like me she started to nod off in the daytime and while living there I found this odd. Because it was so unlike her. So you can imagine the similarities I would draw when it started to happen to me?! Only my grandmother was late 60s when this started and with me it was early 40s.

Then there are the times that I have now. I wake up and I am well aware it is late and yet I do not seem to be able to get into motion. It is not quite like the times, luckily only a couple, when it appeared me legs were no longer under my control and it took all my effort just to stand upright. But still getting moving seems to require enormous effort?!

I did manage to get downstors and I am currently sitting here, dressed and yet I am ready to leave the house and cannot got motivated. I have no idea what I wantr to do nor of anywhere to go! Yet I need milk and am paranoid about getting out in case my sleep tonight becomes...difficult! I am also bored which you would think that this alone would place a rocket up my rear but, no. I have also been annoyed as I have been leaving the house and forgetting many things. Like on the bike I forgot to take cycle lights, twice! I forgot my phone a couple days ago, nicotine gum a few times and the usual of having devices fully charged, though now I do not use that crap old phone its not so much of a problem as my new one has enough juice to easily last the day!

So I decided to type this out to try and break up the monotony of what I am going through, which appears to be nothing and that is what bugs me about these times. The annoying part is once I get out and decided whether to go on foot or my bike this feeling goes. It is like being stuck in a groove and you have trouble finding a way to get out of it. A bit like when Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt in the early part of the film Twister and they cannot get out of the ditch they are in with their truck and desert the truck to take refuge under a small bridge from the oncoming Tornado which then lifts the truck up and drops it slap bang in the middle of the road to the suprise of Helen Hunts crew, which included the late Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Now that I have now typed out a description of one of these impossible moments while listening to Deep Purple's greatest hits. Oh one of which is oddly used in Twister lol, I am now going to post this and get out!! I am totally buggered without milk and the sun is now shining and want to make the most of it while it is here.

Oddly I was loking up Fibromyalgia and Sodium oxybate before I typed this and discovered that narcolepsy seems to describe the sudden need, or very strong urge to be precise, to fall asleep which I can do anywhere in the house but often on the sofa! I also found something that seemed to also describe the loss of muscular function but cannot recall what it was called now?!
Typical! Lol!

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