Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hello Mrs Dubya!

Today I got a bit of a shock when I walked into a store and a very nice lady I know was standing there. I was taken aback I must say. Took me a few seconds to get over the shock.

I may well have mentioned Mrs Dubya before on here and I used to help her with some very unsual pets for a lady. Not too much information mind. In fact I would never quite get over the first time I was round there and was unknowingly and rather naively so being scrutinised up and down. To the point when someone was on speaker phone and demading to know my shoe and hat sizes! A mum and daughter looked at my blankly and there was a prgnant pause before all three of us laughed.

Mrs Dubya got to here my tales of woe over the nxt few times I visited to help her with various issues. In fact rather shockingly at one point I had to prevent the Mrs Dubya from offering to help with my situation on a scale that was wuite unsual and I have never forgotten. Of course and quite naturally I declined, despite horros awaiting me a fair distance away.

Well Mrs Dubya got to hear of the NHS, the PHSO along with various other things and of course this blog. She requested the address and I scribbled it down on a piece of paper with my phone number.

Not often you get to meet genuine people and indeed it is true that my endeavours are aimed at genuine people.

So as a quick guide for you Mrs Dubya ...

EVIDENCE (The short Versions)

NHS, GMC, & PHSO (Proof as you look back that the NHS lied to stop me being aware that I suffer with Fibromyalgia as three dozen plus health professionals cannt be that stupid! When I diagnosed wrongly Charcot Marie Tooth they realised I was one step away from the real diagnosis and got to the first two prescription drugs that ever worked on my pins in 13 years) AUDIO RECORDINGS, LETTERS, EMAILS, VIDEOS AUDIO RECORDINGS OF THREE PAIN SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS THAT WERE REALLY A RECRUITMENT DRIVE FOR THE NHS FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR CHASE FARM HOSPITAL TO WORK FOR £3.00 A DAY!

MERSEYSIDE POLICE (Listen to the five hour recording of too detectives in my house and just like you called me a genius and wished I worked with them who then decided they were smarter than me and started lying. I have their recorded lies and in case of denial possess their DNA) Probably Met Police Stuff too. AUDIO RECORDINGS STATEMENT AUDIO-PHONE CONVERSATIONS

HMRC (Not acting upon notification of fraud one of them on a very large scale)

HOME OFFICE UK BORDER AGENCY (Read the 60 page file and just how ludicrously we are letting in radicalised Muslims)

Local Councils (Documents of many (Waltham Forest, Enfield, Wirral, Epping Forest) telling a few porkies here and there and refusing to help)

I have short term memory issues so will not remember it all, hehe.

DWP & ATOS (lying and tricking disabled people out of money, claiming they come to your house and lying about why they failed to arrive, you have seen my house one claimed my door was blocked by a large steel bin!)

BAILIFFS , DEBT COMPANIES & COURTS (the proof I was defruaded out of £4,000 for that parking ticket) DOCUMENTS, EMAILS, PROOF OF SALE PRICE AT AUCTION IN EMAIL

MI5 & GCHQ (The radical Muslim letters are on here I sent to MI5 and GCHQ there are also phone calls between myself and my daughter) LETTERS PHOTOS RECORDED DELIVERY RECEIPTS

ARGOS (Sold me five cameras in a row that were refurbished and sourced from abroad most likely as well as faulty) (Videos about this on my YouTube account) AUDIO OF RETURNING GOODS AND PHONE CONVERSATIONS, EMAILS

VERY CATALOGUE, ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY, CONSUMER RIGHTS (Sold me a phone that was used and a dozen faults and sourced from America (email from Motorola proving it) took me to court and they lost!! Hehehe) DOCUMENTS, EMAILS

CITIZENS ADVICE (Useless waste of time unless your a non speaking foreigner, lol) AUDIO OF MEETING

COMMUNITY LEGAL ADVICE (Lied about the law and still have the email hehe, on here somewhere) EMAILS, LETTER

NEWS MEDIA (all of them tabloids/TV) Was sent four DVDs with all my recordings that were good enough for MI5 and GCHQ but not for them, though a large majority of my endeavours have appeared in the news, hehe. RECORDED DELIVERY RECEIPTS, EMAILS

A brief idea of what I have and it is very extensive and I am still collecting it currently and will do for the foreseeable future. Even though it is very extensive on here I have not published everything as there simply is too much! PLus I cannot remember all the really good bits, hehe.

There is an archive to the right and I talk about things in the news too and put my opinion on things going on up on here.

My other blogs are....

There are a ffew others one of films, one on music, couple on Doctor Who and one on my Kung Fu, Wing Chun. But due to time constraints these later ones have been negelected the last year and I hope to work on them this year and get them at least to a respectable level.

I have quite a few videos too manh of which are within the pages of my blog of me chasing around after butterflies and seeking out British Orchids.

Martin Haswell - YouTube:

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