Monday, 3 March 2014


Well this one is a surprise and tonight the NHS are running away with the focus of the new media with three reports in a row!

Now this was mainly to do with cancer drugs from what I saw briefly and of course I have stated previously that the cancer drugs side of things is abysmal. But then I have been starting that for over ten years!!

A decade later and suddenly Doctors state this?!

Welcome to the party, albeit late!

Hmm do you think now that each public service had decided that the best way to desk with me so that I do not get what I should out of them is to release stories along the lines of what I have stated?

But then do you think they scoured this blog to see just how many things I covered and who else I also covered. So that if they did release things associated with what I blogged about before long there would be so many in each as well as across the board that it just might become obvious to each and every visitor here?!

Oops! I guess that what with me posting so many things so frequently so quickly and with a huge number in the first few months I might just have made it look impossible or all time consuming to have to wade through it all to get a good idea of where you stand?!

I do not know exactly but there must be 1800 posts or more on here alone?!

Oops! You just keep on reporting the subjects must as you are. It is working it just dandy for me!


Drugs system 'unfit for purpose'

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