Friday, 28 March 2014


I saw this article regarding a banner attached to a light aircraft with the words 'Wrong Man - Moyes Out'. This is of curse referring to Manchester United and their new manager David Moyes.

Yes OK I am not a Manchester United fan but when I saw this banner it made me realise just how naive people can be!

It is funny is it not? They have had their best years ever under Alex Ferguson and now he had retired a bunch of fans think that someone can just take things up where he left off and carry on as if nothing has happened?! 

More annoyingly they also seen to think that being the top team is their God given right?! How boring it has been fur a number if years now, or was, knowing it would be one of the or for teams that will win the Premiership?! How bloody boring it would be if it was always the same bloody team?!

As a Spurs fan since a kid I went for the longest time longing for us to finish to experience that like the days of 1961! If I had seen Spurs finish top just two or the times in the last thirty years I would have been ecstatic! I was ecstatic to see us in the Champions League as well as his far we went! But Man United fans would probably throw huge fit if they only won the Premiership 3 times in ten years?!


I wonder if they considered that speaking as if managing Manchester United is easy as is winning the title with them might just be a bit disrespectful to their previous manager?! If I was him I would feel a bit pissed with these fans as they seem to think it's dead easy? Maybe they think that what you need to do is just bit the top manager that will win the title?!

The funny part about it is that now that two other teams have appeared as genuine contenders, one is a team that previously owned the title during the 70's, Liverpool, and one had basically bought most of the top players and managers so of course they would get a title or two? That would be the other Manchester team of Manchester City. Still it is nice to have a different couple of names up there even if yet again it is not Spurs?!


Man Utd fans defend plane protest

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