Sunday, 2 March 2014


The fact that Russian troops have where Ukraine and taken over at least two airports has not gone unnoticed.

I knew they would be Russian troops as Russian President Putin is almost to easy to predict!

Well if I felt sorry fit the Ukrainians before I most certainly do now. But let us hope that Putin thinks twice and only three to help, despite the fact that Ukraine did not soar to need any yet not had they asked anyone!

Protecting Russian people in the east of the county could be easily done without the lengths that the Russians have gone to. In fact I hate that! I hate referring to them as Russians as it implies that the Russian people wanted this and I very much doubt this, very much.

In fact I would not be surprised if this turns out to be a shotgun to Putin's own feet by his own hand?!

Just like the fact that I for one hate my  government shoving is unwanted nose into places in my name?! No you do not represent me when I know you do not give a damn about your own people!

Now I would wager that this will be a belief and a stance that a fair number of countries civilians will take before long?!

In fact I might have to make a double listing of countries. One for those were the public are realising and stating as much along with those that have yet to realise! Of course there will be a number of countries that would not apply to this at all?!

Mind you any that do not apply to the not yet realised yet would have members of their public that would have my envy!!


The Russians have this complex and have had for years and I know the  Russian people are for the large majority feed up with it. They still behave like they did in the cold war, which is why the term is being thrown about on the media.

One Russian woman I knew told me that at school three was no point in learning any other languages as in the future everyone on Earth would be speaking Russian?! Did not doing very good at the time and that the attitude was that they would conquer the entire planet?! Sounded like Nazi Germany all over again which is why I have stated what I have about Putin in the past. Combine that with the fact he is a bit of a show off and you have one bad recipe for disaster!

However if I was a freelance journalist and I wish I was I would get my backside to Moscow! Because I expect the Russian people to protest strongly about what Putin is doing!

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