Thursday, 13 March 2014


I had an email from someone I was affiliated with as regards to advertising on my blogs.

I will not state who it is or the affiliate agency I found them through. But I will state that I sought then out because I have been familiar with them for years! They are a well known online store for gadgets and computer equipment.

They asked me if there was a problem because they had been getting no clicks which was weird because I thought I had informed them all when I removed all the advertising, except for Google's AdSense, regarding the affiliate agencies. So I replied and I stated basically what I have stated about the free advertising on here! I also went into detail about Google and their AdSense! I explained that I had a large list of blogs and that the numbers presented to me by Google themselves make no sense and some that should NOT go backwards actually do which led me to believe there was done skulduggery going on or extremely badly chided algorithms?! I also stated that I discovered that it was not only I but a fair few people who are authors feel as if they are ripped off online!

I then pointed out what I said to Google...

1 You cannot approach TV, Magazines or even a local newspaper and expect to get free advertising, and we are talking just one issue here or for one week even!!

2 That with currently reaching the 100,000 mark and with the 2,000 per week going to rise throughout the warmer months that they seem to expect to get free advertising while we work and they make billions of pounds/dollars?!

I stated that I kicked off the ads for a year or until such a time that I can find the time to research and find out what numbers you need to reach so that I can at least make the lowest monthly payments and until then, or I reach them I am not giving away free advertising and brand awareness to anyone! Of course AdSense is left in their because I know that the longer it remains on there and the longer it takes Google to start paying the worse it looks for them, regardless of what the reason is meaning skulduggery or bad algorithms!
This is because I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to contact them and wrote to their offices in Belgravia in London some weeks ago but apparently I am too insignificant as a human being too be worthy of help, advice or even to check how their numbers manage to do the impossible?!

Of course the whole time I have the other numbers to compare with Blogger which looks even more ridiculous with each week that passes by. As time fires on the numbers get further and further apart between the two blogs and there will be a point when others start asking questions of this very suspicious way of making billions of pounds/dollars while sitting on their arses on the back of others who work their butts off to provide content/help and advice people/show people the truth/pictures/videos and all manner if other things and do it for free! This August that would be two whole years for me on Blogger!

I will then make a note of the figures and then wait 6 months until the other one catches up on the two year period and I will then take those figures and compare and publish the two?! I think that to predict that these figures would be poles apart would actually turn out to be quite an understatement!

I have been a bit cheeky here because I have quite deliberately not posted anything about comparisons between the two. This is because the numbers are growing apart ever faster and I want it to be a complete jaw dropping shock to all that sees it when the time comes. Of course that will be later in the year but I want it to be all based upon not only working my own butt off for two whole years but that the posts themselves would number likely over 3000, three a week would be a thousands weeks Lol, so that it appears eye watering to all that see it!

Remember I am only interested in discovering the truth and when something starts to look odd, especially when compared to something else which is more or less identical my brain starts to have trouble reasoning as to why this is. I then become extremely curious to find it the real reasons! Though I am not focused on this particular matter at all currently I will be all over it by the Autumn of this year, 2014.

That will be the time I start researching it fully along with searching around and sending of emails. But just be patient as I can find it bloody hard to finish things I started, but it will not continue like this I assure you. After all I still have those Freedom Of Information Requests to finish and publish?! Lol!

As I become fitter in my bike and the stupid arse clocks go forward in a couple of weeks time I will be spending more time in the evenings and in the daytime both on my laptop and on this tablet and seeking out more answers to the million or two questions banging around the walls of my grey matter!

At the end of the day I did not expect money immediately, that would be silly and I was fully prepared to go a year at least before expecting the lowest miserly sum. But at two years with that first one and with the blog numbers going to be pretty impressive by then and likely obvious they will then be rising much faster with each week it will all look... well rather preposterous if I am honest!

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