Friday, 28 March 2014


At last someone who has an understanding of President Putin unlike most others on the media!

In fact as soon as he questioned whether people should be surprised before going on to state that Putin made it will know what he wanted I realised here was someone who understood the man.

I mean I myself was not aware that Putin wanted this but this guy does his homework.

What worries me is the fact that sector of the Russian public might go all mother Russia and revert to their old ways over this?! I do not think so myself but you do worry. I have always wanted to visit Russia and had a Russian friend at University as well as several online. You end up learning some very odd things about Russia and to think that the tosser that has faked his way back in charge sends to be speaking of the old ways is somewhat... disturbing!

In particular one woman told me that when at school years ago they did not teach foreign languages and when I asked why she stated that the teachers were adamant that there was no point as everyone in the world would be speaking Russian at some point in the future?!

That was a very eye opening thing to be told, let me tell you.

Vladimir Putin: The rebuilding of ‘Soviet’ Russia

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