Thursday, 20 March 2014


I can hear it all now... after the situation between myself and the late Bailiff and Equita kicks off and I am prosecuted I will get moaned at by everyone I know?!

What will they say?

Oh I told you that you won't make any money from blogging! Though they know very little about computers or the Internet.

The common one will be...'well why did you not charge people for reading your blog?!' or 'Why didn't you out that donation button on your blog you mentioned?!' Lol!

Jesus I might be begging for them to lock me up to get away from the nagging?! Lol.

I date say they're week be many things said over time but I am not letting this one out there in my immediate vicinity,, especially to my family as there is one that will just make it a hell if a lot worse for me and wind me up! If that happens Good know what I will be capable of on the day when the Bailiff and myself inevitably clash?!

I mean I completely blacked out last time! One minute I a standing then I was chewing lumps out of my wooden stairs and then I had the guy against the wall by his neck! It was like slow motion or switching between photographic stills very quickly and missing large elements of motion?!

Only once before did that happen and it was witnessed by a few people! Several family members but one was absent, he was a bit young at the time and think he was probably a bit shocked when he heard the details later?

Luckily no one guy hurt other than their pride!  Third time unlucky?!


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