Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Well I stated that I fully intended to do a series of walls of shame to list professionals who got it wrong.   

Whether this is through incompetence, negligence or actually lying, on command or otherwise, and I have been working on the first one.

I have searched through paperwork and my grey matter and have created a list of names. I have often jokes or otherwise mentioned the word dozens on this subject and it is. In fact thus far I am sure I am missing a few. I also seem to have mislaid a few older bits of paperwork too though I strongly suspect these were at a previous home that is occupied by another and that this person likely the them out! Still we are talking about paperwork that is well over eight years old and yo to thirteen years so not that important! But then I do have mountains of  paperwork and it is highly likely they are here somewhere? Especially as I am sure I have seen them and in particular remember seeing one name on the paperwork since I have lived at my current abode! That is for certain!

Of course there are going to be a while series of these Walls of Shame for different subjects. I will have to make a note about being specific in the keywords about what the post and subject is. So that others that may have had the same issues may find it as well as find it useful?

It is good when you can be both detailed and fairly specific when creating lists.

So I will try and have a search to see if I can find the missing paperwork? I might also find a very specific letter I have alluded to many times but has not been posted? Of all the ones that I wanted to find this one was the most important back when I needed it and yet I could not find it!

Sod's Law.

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