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Well I have not heard any replies and could not tell you if anyone visited today.

I also apologise as for some reason Google's Blogger app on my Tablet PC is playing up and as well as refusing to upload my TAGS, and telling me they are there when they are not, it crashes when I try to upload a picture! Posted the picture up elsehwere though OK?!

Sigh!! Everything Google touches lately seems to go sour!

God I feel like utter crapola today, let me tell you. Like a damned zombie all day!

The Document...

I have sent off another email to Enfield Council reiterating what I have said and expanding a bit more on things?! Yeah like me being professional stating I have 'expanded' when I cannot bloody remember what I put in the email I previously sent! I just think, 'Oh I do not think I put that?' and type it up! Lol!


I have just received a letter from you that seems quite unnecessarily complicated regarding housing benefit and council tax benefit.

I have just sent you an email and two copies of an email.

You also need to stop accusing members of the public of doing what you yourselves do.

You also need to communicate with me over the areas I have stated and just stop repeating yourself and carrying on as if the law does not apply to you and that you are a law unto yourselves because I assure you you wont win and in the end the public will become hostile over all this and I hear it on a daily basis wherever I go.

I have repeatedly told you for several years and been given all kinds of crap and lame excuses which conveniently has allowed you to completely ignore everything I have told you, though it is funny that when YOU want something out of a member of the public and get ignored you do not like it and go running to a Magistrate Judge over it! Which I was fully expecting and indeed had hoped you would do what you so typically do.

Now here is the bit that you really need to pay attention to.

I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt and is online for all to see, and has Michael Meacher MP used elements of as has his wife in the House of Commons since January 2014 and can forward you the email if you so desire, that everything I have stated to you since the moment I moved in has been the truth and I have every single letter between us and every single receipt for eveything I EVER dropped off to you.

Not onlt that but I can prove that I have one of the worst disabilities anyone can have while still possessing limbs! FIBROMYALGIA.

Fibromyalgia has a listed 120 symptoms with me.

There is a whole list of physical pains that are very debilitating that classes me alone as disabled.

There are also the issues of the Organic Anxiety Disorder which is on my medical record as is the chronic depression! This alone means I have a disability so I fall into two categories of the term disability and under each no one is allowed to send a Bailiff to my address and this is illegal! No ifs and no BUTS, ILLEGAL!

But I also have a THIRD category that I fall into that for 7 years Doctors insisted was down to the amount of pain that I had to deal with but now KNOW that this is a separate issue and is itself both a symptom od Fibromyalgia and separately classed as a disability in its own right! SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!!

You cannot keep writing to me harping on about how my weekly Incapacity is over a given amount as this is both stupid, immoral and wrong!

You now also cannot, and I mean this in the most LITERAL SENSE, hide behind the excuse that a Doctor has not stated this as such as first of they will and secondly my current GP will happily testfiy that I am teaching HIM about the condition and the drugs for it, one of which he had NEVER heard of!

Now despite requesting several times I have no Litigation Order sent to me and you have sent your hired goons around to my house to conduct far greater crimes than that of the reason you have sent them around in the first place and turn a blind eye to it, simply because I know you councils turn a blind eye to it.

I stated previously that the PHSO are now handling my complaint of the twenty years of crap I have had because someone told the NHS to do everything they can NOT to diagnose me. DO not worry this has been stated to me by health staff and even GPs and I record everything I have done for the last three years or more!

I am to attend Guy's Hospital and all this that I state to you is easily discovered and read through on my blog which is no more difficult to find the paperwork as well as any recordings than it is using Google! There is a search field and you simply type on what you want and all the relevant posts with all documents, photos, videos and recordings all come up!

Maybe you could try doing what the DWP and Atos tried to do while I recorded and kept the letters of lies when they failed to attend my property TICE stating that a large steel bin was blocking the door to my house?! I should not need to tell you that not only do I not have a steel bin but would be quite physically impossible to get one in front of the door to my house and so easily disproved!

Now I gathered together everything and sent it to ICE. Never heard of them? They are the ombudsman to the DWP and claim to be the Independent Case Examinders but there were to glaring problems with them! First off I knew that despite all my evidence they would do nothing! Secondly the incompetent morons actually had their own emails kept on the same email servers as the DWP and can easily be seen in their email addreses! Incompetent!

Oh yes and I know about the Local Government Ombudsman and I have them lying too and dealt with them over something else. 

I have left one GP for being incompetent while living in Enfield. I then had a GP QUIT and CLOSE her practice effective immediately when she was asked to lie about me and then I was lied to about her (I knew the letters I had about her were lies and had played it so that they lied to me about her) stated she had 'had enough of the NHS and the DWP and closed the practice effective immediately and as a self protection measure toook the private x-rays of my back that the NHS have contradicted themselves over no less than twice, with her?! These were my property and NOT the property of either the NHS, GP or the DWP and yet I know she took them with her and I was glad she did because this behavious confirmed to me a whole list of things I was suspoecting and striving towards to prove in this country! It also mattered not as I had back ups!

The proof of this and much, much more and measures over 70GB in size is all publlicly available on my blog that I have provided several times and I have proof now several times over that I have declared all this information to you!

Therefore any actions taken against me and any outcome that ends up involing violence WILL end up in court and I will show that the decisions were taken to take action against me with full knowledge of the conditions I suffer from and that I have been telling you this for 7 years now but met with arrogance and rudeness along with delusions of grandeur along with this holier than thou attitude and more or less stating that no one can touch you!

I have worked for a great many years to manipulate, gather, acquire and find a way around all the obstacles that have been set out before me to stop thos in public office from knowingly breaking laws while thinking that they have the perfect cover to hide behind!

If I was complteley crap at this I would not have been contacted by one company and threatened with legal action, or at least strongly insinuated it, which was then retracted?

If I was bad at what I do the person would not have told me details that revealed to me that I was being imperonated and that someone else was claiming to be the author of my blog and that the company that threatened legal action admitted to me later that they had lost count of the number of emails she has had in the last years that my blog is posted about all over the Internet?!

I really am quite thorough in my planning and I do this to absolute pefection and two Police Detectives that travelled all the way down from Liverpool told me I was a genius and I stated 'yeah I get that a lot'. Some weeks later the Secret Services of either MI5 or GCHQ stated the same thing to me on the phone!

Now this is what will be extremely hilarious to readers...

A couple of years back you held a CD in your safe, at least that is where I was told it was at the time. Well that CD that you had in your building and in your possession for a couple of months had the exact same recordings on them to which I have referred to on here!

That was a CD, I think it was, and yet if you wanted all the evidence today, provided you had a right to ask for it which you do not, I would have to give you two dozen DVDs each one fully crammed with digital data. Every bit if it relevant to my endeavours and yet only the most important and shockingly awful ones are available in the Internet! Despite that there are still tens of gigabytes at a guess. I lost count sometime ago at 50GB!

Now unless you want to end up looking very bad, very obtuse towards the public, very evil to what will be hundreds of thousands of people before very long I suggest that you seriously think twice before it gets out of hand. Because if it does get out of hand there really will be no stopping it!

You cannot hide behind ignorance and then later act all incompetent in some desperate struggle to not look evil and very guilty.

The facts are facts and that is it and that is all. Facts are not down to what a piece of paper staes that you want to photocopy and file away somewhere and it does not become something that you can claim to be fiction because you were not provided the piece of paper! Those pieces of paper can easily be seen on my blog and can so easily be provided. All you have to do as you are so intent on doing everything digital only now is say, yeah bring in the Guy's Hospital letter and we will admit it and pay your full rent and give you the x amount of rent you refused to be by very sneaky and underhanded methods for the past 7 years?!

Or mayve look at the letters and check out the PHSO one which as phone numbers on it and emails and you can simply email them and ask if they are handling a complaint for me?!

I can tell you with certainty that news of this issue of you, Council Tax, ignorance, bailiffs coming to my door illegally amd the complete ignorance shown by yourselves by choosing to ignore the methods of contact that you know insist upon the public as using will be doing some rounds on vvarious forums on the INternet and likely drumming up a whole new batch of interested people to my blog.

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