Thursday, 20 March 2014


One of the guys I follow posted something I found interesting and made me smile.

I should probably look around on Twitter more often instead of just having my posts on here automatically get Tweeted on Twitter? Lol.

I have yet to really take in what was said in the budget and if I am totally honest I find it extremely boring and added to that and just how this Reverend chao who follows Mr while I follow him out it, it's patronising!!

Everyone in order sends to think we are so just mindless idiots and our knowledge base due bit go beyond what is happening in EastEnders Emmerdale and Corrie along with the trashy reality shows like X Factor and The Voice?! Oh yeah and we all go to Bingo in the hope of winning the amount of money George Osborne gets each year to feck things up while being patronising and trekking is how he got it right like no one else in the while country could possibly do it as well as him?!

Yes of course not Mr Osborne!

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