Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well now would you take a look at this BBC Report?!

Its headline really does say it all dies it not?! I have not read it I simply read the headline and was feverishly stabbing at the share button immediately!! Lol!

The BBC News have released a report to state that the NHS Complaints procedure is too complex?! I do bit friggin believe it! Lol!

I shall type that one more time, Lol, ... The NHS Complaints procedure is too complex?!
Now where in the world did that come from?!

Almost as if right on cue for the... Umpteenth time for this blog just as I have gotten to hear the end of something, or the final hurdle you could say, a news report pops up out of the woodwork that I have been covering for bloody ages?!


Hmm very curious indeed!

Hmm NHS England states it is committed to improving things?! I suggest you do a search on here fur NHS England and read the letters/emails and listen to the recorded discussions and see if you think they are using the truth?! Lol!

Seventy five organisations involved in the complaints procedure?! Hmm first I have heard this thigh it was still a mess even with my few. The GMC, NHS England, GP SURGERY and the PHSO. Oh yes and PALS I guess!

I do think that bore the car is out of the bag with me that there is a queue containing heads of this and that who want to find a way of getting in the media and stating yes it's wrong and they are now committed to making it better?! Likely nothing will change?! But hey?! I am here so we shall see?! Lol.

NHS complaints system 'too complex'

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