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Edward Snowdon had stated he was right to leak the NSA data in the link below to Linked In's Pulse news feed!

Well your dead right about that mate, thigh I feel sorry for the attention you now command from the American agencies! But the interesting thing is that it is not just the contents of the leak that is damaging to these agencies but also their completely open and bad attitude towards you and the leaks!

With each time they have vented their sneer about you I have posted about their attitude and that they tell and behave as if they have the God given right to do it! They sound like radicals themselves like this and anyone would think they received there orders from God to do what he did?!

As I also stated several times now their behaviour over Gary Mkinnon and their never ending pursuit of someone who was hardly public enemy number one but was treated as such. In fact Mr Snowdon's leak of their activities in the National Security Agency could not come at a better time, or a worse time if your one of those agencies?!

Comparing of those two very recent things shows nothing less than the absolute hypocritical attitude of the American agencies and government. The sad part about it is they have no idea, or no remorse, about what they have done to their own country?! In fact if you want to talk about treason I do not think you could get a better example than some recent activities both sides of the pond to treason?!

Treason is when you act against your own country and therefore people, because a country is it's people! But it also seems that on both sides of the proverbial pond that certain 'agencies' seem to think they are the overlords/masters/real rulers/trident the entire country/monarchy and want to nail to the stake anyone who wants to act against them directly, even when the person in question had shown his own people the truth. In fact I find it narrow minded when members of the American public think that Edwards Snowdon is a traitor! Honestly, he tells you what your government is doing and potentially putting you at risk if you travel overseas and you have no gratitude?! Your bonkers!!

If not Edward Snowdon it would only be someone else eventually and had the member of the public who died not agree with Mr Snowdon been in any number of foreign countries then you would not want to be in a bar/club in the evenings after that was reported on TV!!

In fact it reminds me of the time when the Republicans for elected in fur the second time after their attitude for their term in office. Someone in a News studio starred that they could not believe that President Bush got in again because all the Americans they knew hated him. Then it was stated that the trouble with the American public is that there are a lot of them that are real bible thumpers and just not traveled outside of America and are naive or inexperienced to other countries and cultures and do think themselves superior, wonder if they watch Fox News?! Lol!
In fact the funny thing is the only difference in the attitudes of American bible thumpers and radicalised Muslims is that the Radicalised Muslims are cold misguided mad mass murderers!

But then you have to understand the interpretations that someone gets from somewhere far away?! At the end of the day I have not been to America but always wanted to and they probably would not let me in more anyway?! Lol! The Fox News jibe was because of how Family Guy portrays them! Also in films created by America some of the religious factions cone across a bit nuts! Take that vicar, pastor or whatever who wanted to burn the Qur'an? Why would you do that?! Yes OK I think it really weird and oddball for a bunch of people to go nutty about the destruction of something that was printed in a factory! I do and it is as simple as that! It's weird and quite simply bonkers in all honesty and I am sure if it was that big a deal then God, or Allah, would be striking everyone stone dead with lightning or whatever. I do wish they and others works just drop the religious crap, I really do. It had been nothing but trouble from day one, or zero Lol, and only gets worse and added to that will just prevent our progress.

Just dumb and a shame but despite what I think at the end of the day I would not do something that quite deliberately provokes or insults someone, let alone a whole number of countries full of them! But then I guess that pastor had never traveled abroad much if at all and likely never will in future?! Well not if he had any sense?!

Those that live in countries that use up their time in worship when they should be working together to improve their country and create their own technologies just go backwards.

Some countries I do not know how they get any work done or achieve anything at all as they do not need much to set them off?! They are in a Mosque praying five times a day and when not gathered together in a street preaching hatred towards someone who offended them and burning effigy's?!

I feel sad each day that I am not able to really work towards something worthwhile and earn money and help the human race to progress! But that is because I have certain handicaps. With them I just see them frittering their lives away and put themselves and their personal feelings above that if their own children most of the time in certain areas.

Just a shame as such an incredible amount of time in human history has been wasted and still continues to be wasted.

There are some things, provided your wants and ambitions are large enough, that not even a country our even a number of countries can achieve in their own! Only by working together with intelligence and redirect for each other will some things be achieved!

A good example of this is space travel. In the end it will only be the most tolerant who will expand into space and those that are intolerant will remain trapped here on Earth which could be becoming more inhospitable all the time. Of they do manage to achieve what others have, like space travel, it will be hundreds of years after everyone else had achieved it?!

Now that could be too late?! Think about that why don't you?!

Snowden: I was right to leak NSA data -

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