Saturday, 29 March 2014


Oh dear!

Government requests to Google about it's users had risen by 120% according to the BBC report to which I have provided a link!

Just amazing, is it not, about just how naive governments are! I think that this that get in power want things a certain way, which invariably means their way while the overjoyed public that they have someone new thinks that they will get it their way?!

In fact the while idea of a coup, revolution, spring is that the majority of the people that fight get it their way. That is it and that is all. Yet tome after time it airways end up that the one that gets in power has completely different ideas?!

Now what kind of idiot, or indeed idiots, think that no matter what state their country is in or what the prior expect that they can then lord it up like a new dictator and swan about the place as if arriving from some higher calling then wonder what went wrong when they are booted out 5 minutes after getting in?

Now what goes on in their minds, I have no fecking idea?! Write how the think the wants and whims of one man, or woman, outweighs that if their entire population, or just the majority of it, I simply do not know.
I really wish in reports like this that they provided a bit more information than they do?!

I mean to say that I would be interested to know which countries and how many. Hmm if everyone was to create a list, or an online vote, as to which countries the governments belong to that made these requests I wonder what the top five or ten would be? Maybe these government think it's the other way around and it's which governments the countries being too?!


In fact I think that probably the one most people would think can be ruled out as their public need enough money to own computers! Probably made owning a computer at all illegal. But from what I hear they have enough of a problem with food! That would be North Korea, of course.

I would imagine the list would be populated with countries whose government want to keep their jobs or have a large enough fraction of the population belonging to an ethnic minority that could produce terrorists? Perhaps even some with a genuine cause for concern?!

But like I have tried to show on here that it is no good guessing and you never know the facts until someone both tells the facts and then shows the facts.

Google government requests 'up 120%'

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