Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well I had a piece of paper shoved in my door I nearly did not notice!!

Now I got a bit of a surprise as though I knew this would come, as I rated on here, it was not from who I thought it would come from and also the DEBT COLLECTORS that dropped it in via a BAILIFF were someone I did not think would bother after last time I corresponded with Equita?!

Now I will post the letter up tomorrow but let me tell you it had scribbling all over it but there is no coy of the Litigation Order, despite that fact I equated the city sends me a copy and have asked Enfield Council a couple of times for it and between three institutions I have not been able to get a coy of it?! So I can only assume that they are either lying or want me to cause trouble when they send a pawn around?!

There is also no mention of the time the bailiff fit here either! Also take note of the fact that he scribbled on the paperwork that he has been here three times?! Which of course he had not! Otherwise I would be blabbing about it on here for one!

Also why is there a need to lie if there is a Litigation Order?!

Anyway I have contacted Equita.... AGAIN, to show then the perils that await them if they indeed enforce this with the usual lies and hostile intent. Plus the fact I don't bloody own anything worth a damn! Lol!

So as usual there now follows a copy and paste of the email I sent!

Oh yeah and the cheeky fecks absolutely insist on asking for all your bloody details before they let you email them via there webpage?!
So as fecking usual I go and plunder their details elsewhere!!

Oh as you will find out tomorrow at some point the date is a lie too!! He has put down the 21st March when it was the 20th and this at first seemed a bit weird as they normally put an rather date on the letters to make it look like you have ignored then longer than you have!
But then I realised! Of course he had put down that he has been here three times, to acquire the real litigation order possibly, and that if the period involved is to small three visits might look a bit suspicious?!


Dear Mr P Jones


Please do not leave your crap in my door whereby you have written lies on the part in your own handwriting in an attempt to be intimidating.

I am now going to explain to you several things that Enfield Council and your employers are already well aware as I have told them previously.

Now I strongly urge to pay very close attention and do try to keep up?

1 You have NOT been to my property three times!!!

2 I have requested many times for proof of the litigation order and have never been sent one by either the Magistrates Court, who are ALSO aware of the details within this letter, or Enfield Council!

3 Attending my home with hostile intent would not be wise and I strongly urged you to ask this of Jason Reeves, JBW Group and your own bosses asking with Sheila Harding and anyone on Consumer Action Group or any other forum to do with corruption and physical abuse and fraud of bailiffs and you will be told by many that not only do I know the industry insiders out but I also have proof!

4 Despite the fact that I am disabled and can prove it I am able to meet any hostility at my property with a far greater amount than that enforced upon me.

5 I will get to how I can prove all that without you even having to ask anyone at the end asking with your employers already knowing all this!

Now I have been working on corruption in Britain for sometime now and armed with devices to do it too. In fact you will be given access to all the proof I have at the end of this email! I seen you there is over 70GB of it and involves no less than FOUR LOCAL COUNCILS, POLICE, NHS (JUST BEEN ASKED HOW MUCH MONEY I WANT?!), DWP, ATOS, MI5, GCHQ (WHO WANTED ME TO WORK FOR THEM OVER TEN YEARS AGO), HMRC, TWO DOZEN OMBUDSMAN,  VERY CATALOGUE (I WON THAT ONE), Littlewoods Catalogue and Argos. I am probably missing several! Oh yeah Bailiffs and Debt Collectors to asking with Courts and Judges and yes you read that quite correctly!

Now here is the bit you need to pay close attention to!

All my evidence in the form of video, audio recordings, emails, letters, screen shots and this includes everything I send as well as receive!

All this is freely available to all that visit on a blog and I have in eighteen months only gibe from a couple of visitors a week to several thousand a week and rising! Having amassed 100,000 visitors in that time! Now I will now ask you to guess just how many I would have in just eighteen months time?! Yeah well I will get to the point of live streaming and going viral suddenly in a moment.

Now I gather my evidence extremely carefully and have been doing so for several years without anyone knowing. Until now.

As a disabled person who suffers from Fibromyalgia that was deliberately kept from me from the NHS, hence why the  Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman have asked me how much money do I want for being lied to for twenty years, and that I can assure you is quite a bad illness. But everyone now knows that I have my blog and have amassed all the information and evidence that I have!

Due to theirs simple fact I fully expected an attempt to send someone round here to get ahold of the equipment illegally to stop me from posting on my blog?!?! Whether the numpty they send around knows it or not I fully expected this to happen, wool get to that in a moment!

Now as to my blog going viral? What do you think will happen over the next few days and weeks once I post up not only this letter but tomorrow when I scan your letter and put it on my blog?!

So then? On to my possessions? I am afraid I have nothing of value and that my for grand custom built top my design mountain bike, 42 lcd Samsung TV I have still yet to replace asking with my Omega Watch and Panasonic Blu-Ray player was defrauded out of me by JBW Group who told me they sold all of it for £735?!

Now I knew that no one is that incompetent and I ended up finding a witness who saw the bike seek in auction for £2,800!!! I still have the emails and the beauty of it was the idiots did not think. The bike was spotted by a friend of the shop that built the bike! So I along with five other witnesses some to the witness who confirmed that Plaistow Auctioneers and Valuers sold it for that amount. The other for items were worth 2,000 on their own and all this was recorded, filed and fought because they attended my property for a parking ticket?! The fine was £550 so they defrauded me out of £4000 and I know that you all do it!!
I AFM also aware of the date tricks, providing false phone numbers so victims go over the time limits and also the lies like the one you scribbled on your letter through my door! I know about shooting through the letterbox if there are young children at the property and I am also well aware that you check the owned vehicles parked outside the homes to see if it is expensive so worth causing actual bodily harm our grievous bodily harm to get into the property to defraud the victims. Mine was somewhere between the two and JBW Group were STUPID ENOUGH to state that there was violence at my property but that I instigated it by luring them into the property and then attacking than?! I mean... really?!?!

What is true is that after I was face planted on my stairs the next thing I knew is that I had the neck of Jason Reeves in my left hand and was holding him up against a wall and about to put my conditionally trained fist through his face and into my own wall! His intimidating looking mate who was not a bailiff, thigh they later stated he was, saw what I did to Mr Reeves and decided to remain outside!

The only reason they did not get pummeled into a mound of pulp was that I did not want to end up in prison, bit then they went and lured and defrauded me!!

Ever since then I have rued the day I let Jason Reeves go without placing him in intensive care!! I shall not make that mistake again!

This is barely a fraction of what happened and my blog has in the region of two thousand posts! Some read like War and Peace on their own. All contain all manner of media I mentioned and I forgot photographs!!
My blog is my only way of making a living for myself as later in the year I make money from Google on advertising and they already have me financial details for when that time comes.

Enfield Council have never paid my rent starting that in 7 years I have never given them a diagnosis. They owe ME about a £1,000 in rent and they know about my condition, so do the courts and so due everyone else.

Now if you or anyone else comes here with hostile intent to take away the little bit of crap I have left which is not worth anything anyway you will take away the only means I have of making money!

My visitors will see this add a way to actually shut me up because not only do I know the truth about everyone I can prove it too!

As do I!

I can tell you that it will not end well and despite the attempt to shut me up the only thing that will be achieved is that you will send my blog viral and it wool be your name personally that people will associate with all this taking place.

Oh yes and my blog details are used in the House of Commons by at least two members of  parliament and I still have the emails whereby I am asked permission to use it and can they seems elements of it to the various news media! Now I was asked this back in January 2013 so well over a year ago.

Also I will point out to you what soooo many others fail to think about... as stated I have had over 100,000 visitors and get over 2,000 each week and that two thousands also rises. Now ask yourself this...

... what kinds of people, professionals, workers have been on my blog and following it?!

I know all those I have battled with go on their looking for ways and means to stop me but how about the media? Journalists? Solicitors? Campaign Groups of various areas?! You already know MPs do and I know for sure that there are a whole list of authors and that I win an award for 500 likes on just one blog, yes there are others, and that throughout 2014 this will rocket!!

Hmm I wonder how they will take your letter?!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


  1. Sheila Harding:

  2. Hmm interesting!

    Thank you for that. As you have probably read I had a run in with Sheila Harding some years ago.

    After she for my witness details both she and the witness disappeared. Unfortunately for her and the bailiffs the evidence did not!

    When i posted on here about her a couple years back she got in contact with me threatening me with legal action.

    Unfortunately for Sheila she failed to find out enough about me. Other than my degree I also worked as A PA to a solicitor. Oops.

    Her threats would never fly and I couldn't give a flying ... Anyway I pointed out that she also seen to have a problem with reading because I told it exactly it was. She thinks to highly of herself and I more or less told her so when I pointed out that I had divulged corruption and lies in two Police Forces, four or five local councils, the NHS and the DWP along with stuff major retail chains and all associated ombudsman.

    I told her that these had not managed to even muster a single legal that and they she can 'knock herself out'. That was pretty January 2013 when backbench labour MP Michael Meacher asked if he could use elements and data from my blogs in the House of Commons.

    Would you believe that after crawling out of from under her stone she disappeared back to it? Funny that.

    My advice to Sheila would be to get a life, stop masquerading something your not as it airways catches to with you. Or someone you have really pissed off will.

    I read a couple of posts but must remember to go back to this forum to read more.