Friday, 7 March 2014


It are now well into the nineteenth month of me posting online, or from the moment I first started to be precise.

This is now 2014 and the month of March and I have a good feeling about this year and with the arrival of warmer weather I feel that feeling will grow as will my confidence throughout this year?!

I am at levels and numbers now that in the beginning I only dreamed of! Oddly I am not at the money receiving amounts I thought I would be at despite taking most of the adverts off my blogs! Still never mind about that! I have reached a few milestones I could and did only dream of for many months before hand. Of course there are several milestones to go but one is fast approaching now and I will mention this when I past that point.

What will happen during 2014 is that the numbers will grow a damn site faster than the did the previous year, which got me to about 80,000 visitors, starting completely from scratch. From that point I already got right up to the 100,000 point despite almost all blogs receiving very little amd some nothing at all in the way of posts and/or media content. From this point on thhis lack of addictional media an posts will change. The numbers visiting each week will change with it and both will now steadily grow!

I stated from the get go that I will achieve what I want but did not know how long this would take. I still do not but if the weekly amounts alter over the next 6 weeks as I think they would I may be able to get an idea by the Autumn time?

Mostly it was all about word of mouth really and to achive this I had to appeal to an extremely broad spectrum of people. I also felt I had to show my human side and appear genuine and to this end I hope that bearing a number of personal things I have and am achieving that. I had to be funny at times along with being philosophical at others and even angry on occasion. Sometimes I would even show the poet hidden within me.

I knew all too well too that many things that I divulged would be hard for many to swallow and I knew that I had to be extremely patient for people to come back and realise that this too was all too real for me. Once this was achieved, or should I say WHEN this is achieved, then those that had learned enough could then show others and these themselves look and read to satisfy their own curiosities and in others cast away all doubts. I knew that this particular goal was likely to take over two years and as many as five, though I was just hazarding guesses at that point.

I was also well aware that some things in the beginning might sound mad and come across as confusing but I was fairly certain that despite how this was taken and as I acquired and revealed more and through my many endeavours all would fall into place. Like a puzzle that takes a bloody long time to solve and there really was no other way.

So I would make a load of rather bizarre and fantastical claims and predictions and thenm just work my way through the next couple of years recording and revealing as I go all that to which I previosuly referred to!

I do like to think that those who are driven enough and love to read who may have taken this blog in its intended entirety would therefore by one hell of a revelation?!

I would like to think that nothing short of wild exclamations were drawn from the lips of those that realised it all. Another thing I would like people to have been asking themselves is just how could it be that so many dreadful things happen to just one person and for such a long time?!

But do not ask me I do not know and as mad as the religious sounded by stating in their typically crazy way that I am some warrior of God I am still trying to find something to knock that one off as the only possibility! I will find out, I just do not really know when but as an atheist myself who does not need a deity of any kind to teach me morals, though some deities only seem to teach death and others greed, I am sure and I very much do want to knock that madcap reason of the top spot!

There is linked that that last paragraph one thing that I have joked about and alluded to throughout the entire life of this blog and despite the fact that I will reveal this insinuation as factual in the coming weeks it still does not explain how all this came to be. I would have to turm to Chinese philosphy on the Yin and Yang basis to come up with that.

Just like my body mirrored that of Bruce Willis' character in the film Unbreakable my bones have never broken, though I do think I finally broke a floating rib saving a younf Wood Pigeon from drowning last year. Samuel L Jackson's clever philosophy was that if he had the weakest bones (brittle bones that exist in one branch of my family) then maybe there was someone with bones that registered and the opposing end of the scale or extreme. Hit badly by a car, skateboarding accidents, cycling accident and falling of the roof of buildings and never a break. I am sure everyone has also met someone who is just plain lucky?! Like no matter what they do they come up on top and smelling of roses with pound notes just radiating from them at all times?!

Well just like the idea Mr Jackson followed in the film I wondered if this could also be applied to people as far as luck is concernened and I wondered if luck could be a quantifiable thing? Whereas spme people never seem to choose wrongly and never put a foot wrong maybe there were those people that never seem to put a foot right?! No matter what they choices they made they always went wrong or were wrong?! So you have the luckiest man alive and also the unluckiest man alive?!

The funny thing is I think I have made it clear that I am intelligent amd yet take into account the results of my choices you could be forgiven to think I was the the polar opposite of intelligent?! Yet I have always managed to give out extremely good and wise advice and yet been utter crap at my own personal choices?!

The Public Offices of the United Kingdom certainly have not helped at all either with their lazy attitude and amoral standpoints!

But what would one do if they found themselves in this situation how would you win when all the choices so far had been wrong??

You creat something where no matter what the choices are always right and even of there had been some wrong ones it will always prove itself the right decision in the end! No outside influences and no one else interacting with the choice and no other brain dead people suddenly thinking they know more than you do without an s ingle shred of evidence to prove that they are?!

I came up with that plan and it was the conceoption of a dozen blogs!! LMAO!!

One dozen blogs and one dozen subjects amd each of them being very different they can all be compared and only one of them needs to achieve a goal and yet having around a dozen back up plans!

Yes they were a means to an end and I could help others in the process but I had to do this for free!

Of course when Google started to tell me that \I could make money from letting them advertise I immediately launched the other blogs thinking that with me working on all of them together they would all grow together.

Of course these would have grown a damn site faster had it not been for my health conditions and maybe at times I was aiming for higher than I could reach mixed up with a little over confidence?! LMAO!

But the idea was that with each and every blog I had the only direction was UP and the only question was how long?!

I did try to find out some simple answers but no one seems willing to help? These Associate Programs and Affiliate Companies are completely unable to tell you anything in the way of numbers you need to reach before getting x, y or z?!

That is total borllacks if you ask me and just another cheating way of getting some free advertising and free brand awareness campaigns on the go?!?!

SO naturally with my suspicious mind normally being bang on the money I removed many of the adverts that were previously on here! Turned out I was adding ever more of them and breaking the rules while I was at it due to some rather incompetent software coding that did not take the most obvious obstacles into account! Bah-humbug!!

I could not tell you at this point how long it has been since I took off the affiliate adverts off but I would hazard a guess that it is way over 6 months?! I would not consider them going back on my blogs either without at least two things, one is that I had been at this two years and the other is that someone somewhere can actually tell me at which point or points that I can expect it to at least pay the minimum monthly amounts?!

Therefore what you can take away from all this is that no matter what I was playing a long game, a very long game! By August, and that is in five months. I would have been working on this for two whole years! Twenty four months!! I also have no idea how many other milestaones I would have passed by the time this comes around or how many others I would have reached by the time the Winter of 2014 comes around?!

The only thing I can tell you for sure right here and right now is that it would be a darn sight higher than it is today! I should also tell you that it should really way over double what it os today! If we take that at the 100,000 mark, which is more or less what it is, then due to the large base I have now 200,000 should be reached a dman sight quicker than the first one did! If I had to hazard a guess here I would state maybe somewhere between June and July. Of course by this time it should be growing at an even greater amount each week than it is currently and therefore 300,000 should come up even quicker than going from the first hundred thousand to the second?!

Now of course there are indeed other factors that will speed this up or even slow it down and that is how much content I manage to acquire. But it there will be a great deal more now that Spring is finally here that much I can tell you. Far more than the last three months!

The annoying part is that I thought with Google now supposed to be paying me, but are not and I cannot get an answer as to why out of them, I would should have been acuiring many more tools and gadgets to acquire ever more content?! Now this or even something else to substitute it may come into play at any point over the next 6 months?!

If this financial input does occur then yes the amount that the visitors increases on a week on week basis will increase dramatically and I will get there a dman site quicker than I am getting there right at this moment.

SO there are a huge number of possibilities and there is another one that I keep considering too which will do something my haphazard writing style so desparately needs! LOL!

Because I am all over the place sop to speak and with the lack of help everything I do online is very haphazard and that includes my writing. I have been waiting a very long time to reach points whereby I can be more relaxed and even more confident than I was previously so that my wiriting can be deeper, far more philosophical and a great deal more polished than it is! There are currently two possibilities for this with another outside chance. Of course there is a always...

  1. Google and their Adsense
  2. Personal Independent Payments of the DWP
  3. Offered a contract (this being very outside chance before Autumn 2014 I think.
  4. Some other unforeseen event

Oops and I have just remembered I need to print out that form for the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman, quite how I did not see that email they sent me with the form on I do not know?!

Right that should be printing out any minute and I will post it in the morning, if ther are still Saturday collections, or Monday, which will be the 10th March 2014, just for the record, lol.

I really do not expect anything and never do nor never have with anyone and the point I really realised that I was right and that the Ombudsman really do, do nothing is when the Local Government Ombudsman went all crazy on the phone over what Wirral Council had done to my daughter but then kept claiming they sent off forms for my daughter to fill in and miraculously kept failing to turn up?! That was around two or three years ago now and I then realised that no matter what ombudsman I approached regarding whatever industry they do not do anything at all. Actually the first inkling was the Advertising Standards Authority over Very Catalogue and they all did the same thing, went nuts and then flatlined. Only if yor going to play it like that at least have some kind of intelligence when you do this and have a good excuse and not a very lame and obvious lie! LOL!

Of course all I had to do then is p[resent them with evidence! An ombudsman is an ombudsman, I wnt to get that one in right now. An ombudsman can make a decision and take a view on any given situation. This is not a court case currently and you all know how that part worked out and this is very different so we arew about to witness the other half of the coin and once again with the proof.

Once this has gone the same way as all the others I will then ask the plainly obvious question that they simply fail to see coming! I kinda did ask it when I got frustrated with the legal go betweeny! Luckily I never mentioned it in text as I do like to keep some simple things as a shocking surprise to blow away the enemy lines. All in one fell swoop too!

I would say it is kinda similar to those I had against the energy companies about forcing things on customers by law, umm no and the simple opposition to this is so agonsingly simple along with obvious it is utterly amazing that they have not gotten into trouble for it before now?!

I do like the simplest of overlooked things the most and by a long way too!

Now that I am hurtling towards the second annivesary of my postings online I will be very interested to see how the couple of these very simple andf very obvious but overlooked things will be taken in my the members of the public!

Of course I have alluded to both of these previously and that is something else that is the beauty of doinf things the way that I do. I have to keep my audience on tenderhooks as it is part of the process of making the evil ones look totally incompetent!!


You see I have always said that I appear and appeal as well as try to help a broad spectrum on here but really I mean that you need to think for a moment. How often had I stated thinsg that are for the eyes of the enemy?!

Were there any parts when you thought of names for me because of something I was posting and failed to realise it was for the benefit of the enemies prying eyes?!

Ergo if an approach was made by any or all of the above in the coming few months whoever wishes to point out their stupidity and how obvious they have been wrong for of they had been watching and prying looking for chinks and weaknesses it would be obvious to all that this had been going on for a long time. I mean to say that the enemies would have to admit that they or their legal teams had been perusing this site for a long time.

So the question will be 'well he has mentioned it enough times, how the hell did you not see it?!'

Yup could be a year for living fairly dangerously?!


How about some reverse psychology?

The society in this country is in most people's eyes slowly failing!

Now which faction of the UK society wants to take most of the blame for this happening?!

Now I want you the reader to think now for a which faction do you belong?

Would you want said faction to take the most or all of the blame?!


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