Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well there is not much to say about this and was a given that something like this would come out?!

But, BBC, I think if you did your journalism correctly you would find that they have failed a lot of people and I do not mean the dozen times they failed me and friends of mine I am directly referring to CHILDREN!!

Now I strongly suggest someone interested in reporting on Police corruption/incompetence/lying and bare faced while doing so take a look on here and pay very close attention to the audio recordings that I have, pull your thumbs out of your arses and take a listen!!

Stop going on about what the feck is going on in other countries and how much money you waste on it with someone in every body capital of the world and start focusing on what is wrong in what used to be Great Britain so that once identified we can work on putting it right again!!

Gee whizz! Lol!

Police 'fail domestic abuse victims'

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