Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I just want to not here briefly that I was asked a bizarre question yesterday.

For now I will not say how or who by because I want to keep it under wraps for a week, but I just want to mention it here so that I can refer back to it.

It was a question I did not expect and did not know what to put so I just asked them to tell me.

If I put the question here and it gets out it may cause a bit of stir?!

Now I am going to be very selective about who I tell this to and today I told two friends and even showed them and they smiled and raised their eyebrows. I was of course asked what I put. I was also asked what I would say if I was asked again and I said I did not know and that it was something that not only had I not foreseen being asked but to which the answer to I had not given any thought about!

I simply cannot get over the fact I was asked this question, which was on a form. It has really taken me by surprise and I find it very odd indeed that I would be asked this question at this point?! In fact I never thought for a moment I would be asked this question at all. I expected that possibly a solicitor may have offered his opinion which would be an answer to this question but I really did not think I would actualy be asked it at all.

Especially not in a form and I am....confused somewhat and do not know what to really make of it. I also cannot help but think it was a trap but I really, really could not think of anything to put! Literally! SO I asked them to offer an answer instead, lol.

It is just very weird that it was asked on this form.

Two of my friends thought the same too!

There is just one other thing to this question that was put to me. That is if the latest endeavour in this particular case comes to nothing then the question would be out of order asking! My word I know that sounds muddled but readers will just have to go with me on this for the time being.

I expect this line to come to nought and I have predicted as much several times just on this one subject. But the question on the form gives a strong impression that it would come to something, very much as as I am sure you will agree when I reveal the question at a later date. Hmm lets call it The Carrot Question? IN other words the question is the proverbial carrot and should this now come to nothing it would be completely out of order asking this question when they asked it. I hope that kind of makes some sort of sense, lol.

The funny thing is that the question and the form is kind of the end of the line, without finding and hiring a solicitor that is. Whether I will manage to find a solicitor I do not know and perhaps one might contact me via this blog at some point I do not know.

But if you consider the fact that I am sure I have a couple of literary agents and I also have a Medical Doctor following me and several authors I now find it very easy to say that anything can happen during 2014. I will be surprised if it does but not as surprised as I would have been a year ago.

So what I have here is one of the most odd riddles I have so far come across. Well that is as far as being taken by surprise and being somewhat...stumped on is concerned?! Lol!

I also do not know how long it will be before I get an answer to the question and I cannot see this being inside a couple of weeks and more likely a couple of months!

It is to do with the NHS that much I can tell you for now, though I am sure that a few of you may have already guessed that anyway. I am just kinda head scratching over it and only one thing makes sense of it all but I just cannot really see it happening or believe it will happen.

I think my friends today realised why I was confused as they were very surprised at the question and were quick to give answers, as anyone would, lol. Had it been a friend of mine telling me he was asked this I would be just as confused as I am of being asked the question. I would also be quick to offer up an answer too!

If the question was intended as a means to providing the answer then things may look extremely good for me before very long?! Or after very long, whichever the case may be, lol.

Believe me when I state that I am far more eager to know the answer to the question than you the reader now is about wanting to know the question and I have expressed it like this to you so that when you read about the question you may realise that the answer is indeed of far greater interest than the question itself.

Riddle me that!

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