Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well hear we go then?!

Now all I have to do is email this man who is clearly a visionary as well as a pioneer as he walks about showing of his robotic legs?! In the email I will explain the number of pains and will request my get removed and his robotics fitted and I can be his Guinea Pig?!

Woohoo!! How cool is that?! Or is it just me? Lol!

But now I am already asking myself that the feet do not hurt and is down to the scrambled signals to my brain so if my feet are removed will the pain still persist for appendages that are no longer attached to my body?!

Ooh now therein is the 64 Million Dollar question for the condition that is Fibromyalgia?!

I mean what other condition, outside those who have missing limbs of course, I'd there that could lay claim to benefit from such devices outside those with Fibromyalgia?! We get tired all the time, we have extremely painful areas all over the place and we are hampered, hindered and limited every single day of our lives!! 

Factor in that there is no cure and the only bloody drug that works and has been origen to work the powers that be do not want is to have!!

Here is a paste from the piece and a quote quote from Hugh Herr, the man who invented the bionics...

The technology he is working on might be far more complex than a shoe but he is hopeful that it can help eliminate the pain of disability.

"Every person should have the right to live their life without disability if they so choose," he said.

What a guy!!

That is out there, man!

Meeting the real bionic man

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