Sunday, 2 March 2014


Right I have just sent feedback to Google yet again about their substandard software!

My keywords have vanished yet again and where I was laying blame on the nVidia Tegra Note previously I should have known better as this is now occuring on my brand new Moto G phone?!

Of course this phone was desigtned and released while under Google's moniker before selling off to Lenovo so this is down to them and them alone!!

I have also just found out that there is a Mozilla Firefox OS phone to be released later in the year with a screen like my Moto G and hey claim it will be £15?!?! That is around $30 US?!

Yes some might argue that the specs will be crap and I do not know what they are yet but imagine the other things that could come out for more cash? What would you get for £50?! How about £100?! Or even going up to £200?!

I have stated for ages that the phones are far too bloody expensive and that people have been ripped off for going googoo eyed over these gadgets!

I have an extremely powerful nVidia Tegra Note tablet with a blisteringly fast Tegra 4 processor and a 7 inch screen that started off at £180 then dropped to £100 before going up to £110 and then up to £140?!

Even at £180 you cannot get a phone with these specs even at £100 more than this?! For something with a much smaller screen and a phone bulti into it?! PLus they are too miserly to give you either as SD Card slot or memeory you can actually use?!

I bought the Moto G 8GB model for £100 despite the fact that I hate that it does not have 32GB of memory or an SD Card slot and I was not willing to pay an extra £40 for 8GB memory which would not help much anyway! The 50GB or Cloud Storage for two years will provide all that I need anyway!

Which reminds me...

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