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I like leaving big companies and organisations like they do not know which place to run!
I noticed in the email I last got from ICE that they provide me with a email for the DWP and have to contact them?!

But they are supposed to act when the DWP do not do as they are supposed to which had happened several times before, did it last year and now doing it again?! I am sure it was a couple of months ago I applied for these things?! Well just one application by I was sent two forms and filled in both!

I reckon it's because someone is now frantically trying to find out if I have done what I stated I would while checking that the complaint went through and if the PHSO are involved like I stated?!

Now that 'innuendo' I recently alluded to? It is there in the two emails and I am voting and pasting with a little editing below!

Now think if someone asked you the same thing what would you think? Also then think about if they asked you that question and nothing came of it? Would you not be pretty pissed?!

Now I have always stated that nothing will come off any of my endeavours so I immediately thought
'Oh now how annoying that question could turn out to be?! To think that a complete end could come literally over night one day soon to all the crap all in one go?! But to start thinking along these lines and making any plans only for the vanishing body rug to disappear once again?!'

Anyway the emails...

Dear Sirs


Just in case you attempt to lie, or index get a corrupt court and judge to back you up once again, I need to remind you of a few things.

To do this I will simply copy and paste an email I just sent to the Department of Work and Pensions.
In the email I state about how sticking to protocol and ignoring the facts in an attempt to save money is no longer an excuse and the holes I will blow into this uttered garbage will be elephantine of that I will assure you!

Now place close attention to who I started my website, to prove everyone was corrupt, abusing power and defrauding the taxpayer. I starred all along that despite my best efforts I will be ignored but that ignoring emails and stating they were not received is not possible, not when I am an IT professional and your organisation had proved over and over again it is clueless in this department.

Also note how I also state that what I told all of you all along is the truth and in fact never got a chance to explain EVERYTHING!

Note that there had been an official complaint and that I had recorded evey single meeting, visit, appointment, chat I had about anything and with everyone for several years now! Please also be advised that I fully stated on my sight that I would price I was telling the truth and that as time went on all the major public services will be shown for what they are, ignorant, corrupt, self serving and added to incompetence are frauds and liars too.

Note that the fact I was recording was kept quiet for the while while until about a week ago and I declared that a large percentage, read 'enough', had been published online and free to use!
Note that the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman ate now involved and rather shocked me in asking 'His much money do you want?' This was a surprise and certainly at least 5 months earlier than I expected and not the organisation I thought would ask me that! In fact I thought a solicitor would do this and not ask but instead TELL ME?!

So please, as I do like to give organisations a chance... to keep ignoring me and doing nothing making me and my site look correct, can you sorry out the Council Tax bill fiasco and...

PAY MY BLOODY RENT AS YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD BUT LIED TO ME LIKE THE DWP, NHS and dozens of others all of which will either pay for it in 2014 of raise that they are going to pay for it and there is nothing that can be done to stop that from happening!

It was merely my intention, or job, to prove what I already knew and you are just one Local Council of a total of four that have felt my wrath previously and will do so during 2014. It is likely that other Local Councils will be added to the list of four?!

In this regard you have acted just how I wanted and therefore write predictably and if there is one thing I like it is being able to predict! All I needed  was enough time for you to continue to not do as you promised!
For instance the rent is £800 per month. NOW YOU told me that if I cancelled my Housing Benefit, because you was not posing all that you were supposed to, and reclaim under the Local Housing Allowance that you would then oust the full rent as it is just under the maximum monthly amount?! You also stated that in the process I would lose a weeks money, of £180 odd. Except you paid it £15 short each month since then and then hit me with the council tax benefit cancellation!! For what?! So you can take a couple of bags of rubbish away once a week?! Do not even think of listing services to me as I will blow you clean it of the water!!

Added to this is the £300 from the first 6 months I lived here, the last three years of £15 poet month shirt and any other period I cannot recall right now!

Oh yes and I am booked into Guy's Hospital now.  So for the next several months it is going to be a very uncomfortable time for all public organisations who have left me and other people down while taking an inordinate amount of taxpayers money in salaries! Or draconian sized Council Tax bills!


Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Sirs


HELLO! Yes it is me again! Well I am writing to tell you that desire going through all the motions I am being ignored yet again and more specifically as well as more importantly I have had two applications ignored.
Now bearing in mind that I had my disability living alliance wrongly cancelled 5 years ago thereabouts and then was screwed risky by both your tribunal, no you read that CORRECTLY I said 'your', service and very easy to prove and I have done. I was also ignored and lured to by your so-called Independent Case Examiners who now like so many others before them and only process their downfall want to quote protocols and mantra, despite claiming to be there for you doing your jobs previously which you have not five times in five years and still doing it now.

If you have not worked it out by now I am the one with the webpage that had been making the lives of almost all public services a bloody headache and in the focus of the news!

As this is regarding my health and disabilities and also your old DLA and your new PIPS I am going to warn you and ICE when the day arrives that I am going to blue elephantine sized holes in those protocols to the point of being either quite obviously corrupt or merely incompetent, the choice is purely yours!

In fact if you have been keeping up to date on my webpage and researched the parts you should have done instead of thinking that I was unable, ie powerless, to do anything then you would realise a free things?! I shall place it in a few bullet points!

  1. I stated clearly in the beginning that no one I approach will take any action despite the proof I have in documents/recorded audio /video asking with other media types!
  2. I stated very clearly over 18 months ago that I will spend two years doing this and at the same time proving once and for all what I have stated all along and in the process proving your all corrupt!
  3. While you have been taking FOREVER to decide over TWO FORMS I sent in I have been busy! With an official complaint towards the NHS, Doctor at Chase Farm Hospital and my last GP!!
  4. Do not worry I was fully prepared for these people to lie to save your skins but I am afraid I was ready for that and recorded them all!! I never declared this UNTIL I received the two bogus reports full of lies. Only THEN did I strike! Which is probably WHY you have not done bugger all and Atos quit.
  5. I got some very big lies on tape, so many I list count but the best one was a Doctor admitting it!!
  6. Not convinced? Well how about a question put to me by the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman asking me 'how much money do I want'?!

Are you paying attention now?

OK then, I shall repeat that I have Fibromyalgia and you idiots need to realise that just because you think you have the NHS refusing to diagnose the condition did NOT men there was nothing wrong with me!!
I can also tell you that despite this being paid mostly at the NHS that it was YOU that asked the NHS to lie and not diagnose me and likely many others you could avoid, so that you did not pay out! The fact that you did this to disabled people while defrauding the British taxpayer for your salaries is despicable! People dying of their conditions too!!

I am afraid I have been teaching people not only how much money had been wasted by public services but how they do it and added to this how these actions have actually been a false short term economy and that the cost of this saving had been building up slowly and invisibly and will need large payouts to desk with the issue too!

So during 2014 hundreds of thousands of people, well NEW ONES as I already surpassed 100,000 people already, well discover they DO have a condition and that the DWP asked the NHS to lie to them to save money!

ERGO a gigantic list of angry patients will want treating correctly and many may take you to court for damages for 'x' amount of years they have suffered!

By the way mine goes back way beyond when I started to ask what it was on a regular basis! Over 5 years before making it over 18 years I have had it!!

So to the point...

I have filled in two forms for both ESA and PIPs and I have not heard a bloody peep out of either of them!
I want to catch ICE out, like their email address did not give them away already and proof that public services despite their aloof attitude and delusions of grandeur really know not a bloody thing about IT! Next time you set up emails for someone in house you want to appear as a separate entity try making the email addresses look like they ARE a separate entity! The incompetence in setting them up is quite something and I should know as it off the dozen plus subjects I am an expert on my DEGREE is BSc Single Honours Applied Computing and had been into computers for over 15 years before I did my degree and still into them since I got my degree 13 years ago this year!

So if you can just contact me and tell me you have stupidly refused it yet again so I can then approach ICE so I can catch you all out... YET AGAIN!


Martin Haswell BSc

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