Friday, 21 March 2014


I met another old friend today who I have not soken to for a couple of years at least and he along with his family have been shat upon, though this was a different council, and yet another one going onto the aware list of councils now hated by the public and spreading like wildifre?! Lol!
Just the councils that I know of and have had people vent extreme anger over them are...
Waltham Forest Council
Enfield Council
Epping Council
Wirral Council
Essex Council
East Hertfordshire Council
Tower Hamlets
Hackney Council
Newham Council
Wow reads like a mini hall of shame?! Lol! Hmm I am sure I am missing one! Oh yes Hackney, lol. Hmm and Newham have been hated on and off for years anyway so I dare say they must be pretty much hated?! Lol! They were certainly hated over Jean Michel Jarres concert in the Docklands becaise what was supposed to be a summer concert was pushed back due to over the top safety issues and ended up with electrical wires everywhere on a cold October night, I think it was, and it certainly RAINED! Making it far more damgerous than its original date in June or July!
Jean Michel Jarre felt so bad about it he apologised and then joked "Sorry about the cold..this was supposed to be a SUMMER concert! But do not worry....FROGS LIKE RAIN!" I am pretty sure that out of all the places his has performed his concerts Newham in the UK was the only one that caused him hassle! Well he never came back! Think he did Wembley once? Cannot remember!
Was literally rejected with children and turns out he has had serious health issues and he has explained that he has been lied to and buggered about and even turns out he was on Gabapentin and wanted to be on Pregabalin and without me saying anything stated that he has been told that he was refused Pregabalin as it is expensive?! No word of a lie! I told him that my new GP had stated that to me and then told him about what I had gotten up to on my blogs and with my recordings, lol. He seemed amused by also looked rather depressed with it. Seeme to have been put through the mill a few times and I could completely relate to his issues with Doctors and the NHS.
Except now he knows for a fact that they very often lie!!

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