Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Well despite a story regarding a victory fur patients safety on the NHS they sorts to be some new stories regarding someone else I battled with.

The Police.

In fact I have list count of the time I have had issues with something the Police did our did not do! I really could not possibly hazard a guess! If I did I would say a couple of dozen and how I am in the ballpark?!
Hmm well there was the feck up that was the burglary. Then there was another burglary of a friend flat that went exactly how I told them it would go! I also correctly predicted that he would tell the women that they watched 'too much CSI!' to their horror!

Then there was the bailiffs attacking and defrauding me. Oh and the stalking rubbish too of someone completely unknown, though had a couple of theories. Just the bailiffs one alone had a whole list of incompetent things done. Then there is the sarcasm and patronising attitude. Oh yes and when I was in a high speed pursuit of a maniac deliberately smashing into vehicles all around Mollison Avenue in Enfield and with jagged metal sticking out everywhere I had to give up the chase white on the phone to the Police!! Because the chase was getting to risky for me to keep up!

But I managed to get a description of the driver, the car model and make skiing with registration number. Five hours later after he has broken into someone's house and put an of lady in hospital they managed to find him!!

I was asked to come down and make a statement. They asked me if I was willing to do an Identity Parade, or whatever they call it! I agreed.

Yet when I left the Police Station in Enfield I got a fecking ousting ticket for my troubles in Parsonage Lane that the Police and Council refused to do anything about! Also I never even got she to do the ID Line Up thing so can only assume they screwed up that too?!


That was my first run on with Enfield Council and the lame Police there too!

But then as I found out over many years it did not matter how many of these organisations I deal with it is sideways the same attitude!

I can even compare several London based Councils and Police to that of there mirror image, literally so, 250 miles away in The Wirral by the Mersey River.

I would like to think that there are at least some in England that are OK but I am afraid the odds are against this and they are very big odds at that.

Pill promiscuity fear and police shredding - papers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-26742428

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