Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well I say that the use of the word 'tell' is not quite accurate but I'd in tension to the BBC Report I placed a link to?!

It states that the difference between the Conservatives and Labour is shown in the fact that the Conservatives want you to get your pension pot and do what you want with it while Labour want to tell you what to do with it?!

They tend to make that sounds like the bottom line but I find this a bit strange! So I am to view believe that the differences between the Tories and Labour is that one let's you do what you want while the other bosses you about like you are a naive child?!

Strange and... well wrong simply but is right only in this instance I would imagine? Or at least should be!
However there will be occasions whereby they someone may be a little challenge in the right processes and do something very stupid, but I guess they can always sell that Lamborghini and if done quick quick enough night turn a good profit?!

Now it could be this profit that the Tory that stated they could buy a Lamborghini with their pension if they wanted, yes it wasn't me, was actually alluding to? But I'd he has not made that clear by now he is well out of time! Lol.

I find it all a bit strange and a funny thing to row about right now with everything ether that is going on?
Budget highlights philosophical divide

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