Monday, 31 March 2014


You know I must be missing something here?

I came up with the title for this post based on what I assumed George Osborne was on about when he said he is targeting "full employment"?

Now I am going to assume here that he means that by the end of it everyone will be in work?!

Now if this is the case I can tell you now that not only must he be fecking pissed as a fart but I think he must also use Cocaine?! Lol! Everyone in employment and not using take jobs that you have to borrow money to pay for?!

I am absolutely dying to see what his critics say about this!!  I am afraid to say that the very nature of Conservative ideas prevent this "full employment" idea they could not even get close to! No two ways about it and neither could Labour! In fact I am not sure they're is anyone smart enough to be able to achieve that.
The funny thing is that to even think like this you would have to realise that with the current and old fashioned and our of date system will always prevent this from happening. Added to this not only have you got an outdated system but it had been heading in the wrong direction going on twenty years. When I predicted the recession way over five years before it hit I simply said to people who thought me mad "the hierarchies and the prices of things is all wrong and way out of touch and if it keeps going like this it will go boom! Once they realise this the more they prevent it from going boom the bigger and longer the boom will be!"

This is because of the same old naivety among people that quite literally think they are higher up than most others, that think rules do not apply to them, that because they managed to con their way to the top this allows them to think they are intelligent and best if all they do not have to pay taxes!!

Yes there are tiers and unless you stop the tiers from racing away from each other you well never gain full control of a society. It does not help when you have powerful tosspots that think themselves higher than God because they own the companies that have their fingers in all the pies.

Yes most of the public were naive and sleep-walked right into this but like the proverbial rats they followed the tune of those playing pipes. What I find highly amusing and is one of the many reasons this blog came about is that they then decided we were to blame?! What for believing their shit?! How fantastic a notion is that? Of we will just do as we please and think everything just heads skywards ask the time and if we get it won't we will just blame it on you for letting us do it!

When you are communications language like this out is a very dangerous path to tread. The mitre you ignore this and venture down this path the more treacherous it becomes and is also a great deal harder to turn back from too.

That is just the way it is and wishing or yaking that it is different will not change the nature of the beast. Quite unfortunately.

I also remember spotting that Labour was starting something like this too?!

So rather than penalise those with the most power, land, money and assets that are primarily responsible for all this crap they now talk as if the entire nation below the upper classes are complete naive idiots?! Nice!
I cannot wait to see what they come out with next?!

What always staggers me is that for all their political speak even many journalists will not see this for the utter nonsense it is! For to achieve this, without using leather whips and chains, you would have to completely overhaul the system into something not only unrecognisable but one that those in power will not accept in a million years! Well until that I refer to in a previous paragraph as regards treacherous paths when a large majority decides it all ends and many of those who are primarily responsible are made an example of the likes of which have not been seen since the actions towards witches by the church.

Just as one person can be reverted to a primary and ancient animal instinct so can a very large group be forced to do this too. In fact in groups it becomes infectious because each one knowing he or she is surrounded by others just as angry and hurt allows this ire to ebb and flow to rile the individuals up. Seeing and hearing others around you feeling like this only fuels the fires to lash and lap ever higher and hotter.
Speaking to them like they are all bloody idiots is not going to help you half-wits!

Or is really annoying when you tour and talk to try and make people realise that this is just idiots talking and take no notice and get yourself wound up over and then they go and state something even more idiotic than they did before!!

I can guarantee that there are no two ways about it anyone currently staying this had not done all their sums! When you consider that these people are either bean counters or surrounded by them I wonder what idiotic universities they actually attended because they cannot do simple maths!

Full employment?! God, I just do not know with these people and the more they open their mouths the more I want to be living in a different country very far away from here!

Osborne to target 'full employment'

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