Monday, 3 March 2014


Well here is one instance of the NHS saying sorry and I wager that it is the first in a long list to come.

Problems with mental health patients is only pay off the problem and there are many other areas the have not done as they should. Breaking codes a plenty along the way making, for me, a mockery of oaths. Oaths is also a subject that the media has failed to raise in the events of breaking of codes of conducts.

Hmm maybe there are not any oaths that are sworn to by anyone? If not then there damn well should be!

I also find it bloody hilarious that they cheat and cheat and that all they think they have to do when their numbers comes up is say sorry?! Even so it takes them an absolute age just to do this?!

What I have personally against the NHS is complicated, a long list and each item on it being multi faceted too. However to anyone with six grey cells working as a team should realise what these are. Failure to see what these things are I am afraid to say reveals a low level of intelligence and blind to the glaringly obvious.

Mental health assessments pay row

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