Monday, 3 March 2014


Apparently the NHS has a Chance Day?!

According to this retort they had 180,000 and want 500,000 pledges this time around that they will change?!

I am afraid that from my own immediate calculations they are some way off the mark on the numbers! They are also way of the mark on the gestures too. At the present time I am still at a loss as to who it was that called me in connection with the NHS?!

At the same time certain aspects have been ignored, which they no doubt think will either bother me or not do me any favours?! Wrong and WRONGER!! LOL!

My situation has improved drastically and this is purely from my own actions! The possibilities that can occur over the next year have all been assessed individually and am prepared for. It makes absolutely no difference to me or my plans what you, they, decide to do our not do.

However it bloody well well to them I can assure you of this. Any inordinate amount of time taken only hurts one side of the two opposing forces! It is quite staggering his time after time each public office has completely failed to take any of this into account. Now either they do not care what viewers of this blog find out, extremely naive to what people will say and think or think the wider public not intelligent enough to see the wood for the trees?

Whatever the case may be with them it does not matter because with each one the end result is the same. You see that is the old way of doing things which is to tell the public you are going to change. We have heard this before, over and over again for over a decade. Words do not cut it anymore.

Now if they think the general public rely ate that naive and thick let us put them to the test using their own philosophies?

How long do you think it will take them to realise that this is wrong and they have screwed up?!

Thousands pledge to 'change NHS'

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