Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I am not sure if I posted about this and I apologise if I have.

I have just contacted The Big 'G', I think stands for Gods lol, and had a go at them. This is because I have contacted them more than half a dozen times and had no response. I contacted them because I suspected my issues may be down to them?! Now I know that they are!!

My Moto G is doing the exact same things that my nVIDIA TEGRA NOTE has been doing!

Now this could have been argued by Google that this was down to KitKat, or Android version 4.4.2, but despite both devices being KitKat the tablet did this on the versions of JellyBean! Or ICS and two versions of JellyBean.

Now the odd thing is that I read a great deal of magazines when I am about to make a purchase. Magazine are so expensive today and I remember when they reached £2.00 and I thought that was dear!! Today they are £6.00 a shot! But what do you get for the best part of £20.00 I spent?!

Well in all honesty I felt like I was lied to and in this instance it will be difficult for any of them to talk three way out of it!!

This is because I have TWO DEVICES one of which is Google's own Moto G and the issues seen to be mainly down to text based things! Or in other words the simplest and most basic things that even 8 bit oppressing systems had no trouble handling!!

But my devices are new. I am sure the phone is but the tablet has a question mark over it, down to the fourth one they handed me missing volume buttons?!

But both devices are doing the same things?!

Now here are a couple of things for many of you to think about...
1 How come that no magazines managed to have issues when claiming to fully test dozens of devices? (I have 100% fault rate and had a go at nVidia unnecessarily)

2 Considering how much noise I made on my blog about faulty used items sold as new for over inflated prices and all the bodies I contacted about it that a year later I still have another device on my home that was used and faulty?! Possibly two that were used.

3 I have had nine out of 12 items in 12 months that were purchased as NEW but were nothing of the kind. 

This does not include my tablet and another in the hands of the daughter of some friends.
I only ever count the things I am sure about and do not count the things I am not sure about.

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