Friday, 7 March 2014


Darn it!!

This fecking app has done it again and I have just lost several pages of text!!

I told them in the feedback to not bother putting their crap products forward to business users otherwise they will have a permanent weekly booking in the courts before very long!

Yes the link I give is from Fibromyalgia Association UK who curiously seem to request donations off me which is a bit odd! Charities are supposed to help those who are afflicted not expect cash of them?! But maybe I misunderstood. I do not hide the fact that I do not like charities and that there are myriads of them but I see very few actually do any good.

On the page the link is on they talk about the drugs for Fibromyalgia but there is no mention of Sodium oxybate, unless mentioned in brand name only and I have forgotten it?!

From my own research this is the only drug that desks with the heart of the problem. The others are merely mostly hit and miss affairs and even then only Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Amitriptyline have any effect. I have had the first and the last of the three and they most certainly did for me! Out of well over a decade they were the only ones to have an effect too. Unfortunately not completely.

This brings me onto being prescribed them and as I stated in a comment on that link I was prescribed Gabapentin and was told something odd. I have only alluded to this previously but this is very key and a good time to go over it once more in detail.

Of the many things I have the three main were feet back and knees. My feet had been diagnosed with several things all of which were wrong at the time I was prescribed Gabapentin. Remember this as I then state that I was first told by a chiropractor that I had two issues with my back in the places I stated. This was then mirrored by a back specialist who stated that it matched up with what was felt with her hands. But later an MRI refreshed there was nothing wrong. Contradicting herself, her hands, the x-ray and the chiropractor.
So someone explain that without a single solitary correct diagnosis how the Pain Consultant informed me that Gabapentin would work on my feet but not on my back?!

Ergo how could he possibly predict this without a single diagnosis?! Put simply you cannot! Except he was absolutely spot on!

As for this organisation they do come across as very American and I wonder now if charities to do with health conditions actually survive by receiving donations from those afflicted with the illnesses the associated charity covers?

But on the site the link is... err linked to, lol, there is a great quote that mirrors exactly what I have started on here from day one. I have also told people I know offline too and even to the doubting family members!
In fact in future I will refer anyone who is doubtful to this very bog and this very post!

Now many people give GP's far too much credit and seen to think they are all knowing and that if they do not know then it does not exist. It has also been laid out on here that I have disagreed and now even argued with a great many Doctors and GPs.

In fact I believe that I was kicked off my last GP Surgery because they knew that I would figure out that I was being deliberately kept in the dark over my diagnosis and that Is one step away from figuring it out. They knew that once figured out then everything rise would fall into place. Ergo he did not want a broken jaw because he was just following orders?!

I also stated over and over again that the 'G' in 'GP' stood for GENERAL!

Now imagine the smile that ran across my face when I spotted the following quote on the page I have provided the link too?!

Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”
"These oft-quoted words by the French philosopher Voltaire [1694-1778]"

Now need I say anymore on this subject?!

Now consider that only one third or less of those Atos staff who do assessments are actually GPs?!

Now just how ridiculous do the DWP, GOVERNMENT (including the last government also body liars and inhuman) and Atoms all now look?!

My God people?! I have yet to publish the last part of The Architects Series whose title and reveals completely and utterly shows them all up for the self obsessed, money (taxes) grabbing fraudsters they are!!

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