Wednesday, 12 March 2014



Sorry, lol trying to do the tune from the song Mambo Number 5! LMAO!

Right then this is indeed a little test video of camera number 5 in my arsenal.

Now this camera will be used for filming my street door for anyone that knocks and I do mean anyone because I will not know who they are until they tell me. Even then they might not be who they state that they are?!

This was I may capture people who are acting under licence but abusing this and breaking the law either using violence or fraud or perhaps just lying?

I kinda felt it was the right time to get another camera that is....less conspicuous! I wont say how less conspicious or what it looks like as it would be extremely stupid for me to do so.

I also had to acquire this device from very far away and I have waited weeks for it to arrive. I may actually order another one yet as it is good to have a backup! The video is not great quality and the pictures are worse but it will do what I need it to that much I can tell you.

Now it could turn out that I never actually get to post anything at all? I just do not know how things will turn out. Of course I will film everyone who knocks at my street door but anyone who is innocent and the usual suspects will not be posted up. Also when I know it is someone delivering a parcel or the postman I will not be filming it.

It is just in case anyone tries to abuse their powers and break the law while on my property, albeit privately rented.

Mind Numbing Testing Video...LOL...

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