Monday, 10 March 2014


Well what we have here is yet another failure to communicate?! No we do not what we have here are people working in trashy disease ridden places because they do not know the meaning of the sayings 'getting your hands dirty' or 'getting such in' or the one that George Osborne lives so much 'We are all in it TOGETHER'.

Well all except for the jobs that are far too beneath you?!

I hope to Good for their sakes none of these people live alone as it must be one hero of a disease and bacteria riddled abode?! Or when the wife asks them to help clean so they say 'I let people DIE at work because it's beneath me do I am not doing it here!!'?

Or maybe that while family is lazy and overpaid site they get cleaners in instead? Maybe a fumigator twice a year just to be sure?!

Lmao! I can always have fun with half wits!

Intensive care unit cleaning 'poor'

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