Friday, 28 March 2014


Yes so if you paid close attention to the letters I copied and pasted in a previous post you may well have spotted it?! In fact I decided it is likely best all round if I just come out and state it that way I can then speak about why it is wrong?!

I was asked 'How much money do you want?' in a round about way and I simply could not answer and stated it was twenty years of my life littered with homelessness, breakdowns (I now know to be due to Fibromyalgia), pain, untold stress and breakdowns of God knows how many relationships!

Think about it for a moment. How do you put a price on that?

I knew I would garner the attentions of a solicitor down the line and one with confidence as opposed to one without and too lazy to peruse this blog! Even then I would not be expected to be asked that question! I would expect at some point for a solicitor to turn and say 'Well I think you can expect 'x' amount of money.'

I also know that a solicitor I know who will remain nameless wanted to take legal action against his wifes solicitors practise because he was stabbed by her son, his step-son! Yes you read that correctly and I know through him that in the event of anything taking place that meant a detrimental affect on his life and was inescapable that the maximum amount was £10 MILLION. That was indeed what he was going to sue the practice for! I kid you not but in the end the idea got dropped!

Mine is somewhat different as I was not involved in an accident as such. But I was put through a living hell which was on, mostly, and off, rarely, for well over a decade!

Plus there is all the support I should have had but was refused and the exact reason why I was refused a diagnosis in the first place! Like I stated to a group of diabled people, well two groups actually, this removal of DLA and support from disabled people is not knew. It did NOT come in when the Tories got in power they only took it to a whole new level!

I was an easy victim and an easy target and I like to think that what they did to me and several other people I knew in my life outside of the Internet, I call now 'The Guinea Pig Run!' Start off with those easiest to kick off and every so often work your way up the scale. This is why I always say that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet along with the rest of them are merely Puppets and themselves have Masters! It is also why I always refer to them as having no gonads, normal male genitalia as opposed to being very tiny?! LMFAO!

What has annoyed me about being asked that question is that they will give out the impression that it is all over and you have won with some compensation for the horrors and stress. If then nothing at all happens in this case then the question is completely and utterly bang out of order to ask of anyone in my position! It was on a form I was sent so it must be asked of others. Now if I had been asked this a couple of months INTO the PHSO handling my complaint it would make more sense and I would still be shocked. But this was on the form that I needed to sign for them to investigate?! However I have always known that I had provided enough for this to be an open and shut case all the way to the bank which is why I have attacked solicitors and the British Legal System and lack of Legal Aid! In the hope that visitors to this blog would realise something on their own?! I shall briefly explain and yes I am capable of being BRIEF, LOL...

  1. Stopping the NHS diagnosing I always stated that helps themselves the DWP and Council vast sums of money! I have stated this from the beginning but something occurred PRIOR to this...
  2. The removal of legal rights and representation to those that cannot afford the extortinate fees!! Now think carefully this started to occur PRIOR to the NHS interfered with and why would this be?!

So you see a removal of legal rights and then controlling the NHS wwho sabe a whole bunch of money while taking millions themselves and individually while humdreds of thousands of people end up living like paupers from Victorian England?!

There is a French word that perefectly sums up what I have now placed into the mindset of an ever groowing number of the British Public and possibly individuals in many other countries that may or may not have similar goings on, now what is that word? Umm, oh yeah....VIOLA!!


Remember that I stated from day one that everything I do for two years would lead to nowhere and that no one would take any positive action, without me absolutely FORCING them into a corner?! This went double for Ombudsman and the PHSO are about the last one for me to deal with, though I will be revisiting some especially the IPCC over two Police Forces!

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