Sunday, 9 March 2014


Funny this one.

It states that the hole in the ozone layer problem in the link below is one of the most successful projects scientists have undertaken?

So why due the headline state that there are new holes in the ozone layer?!

This is the first time in bloody years I have heard any kind of talk about the hold in the ozone layer and yet here is one that states there are not one but several problems with the outer layer of the atmosphere?!


So is it a it a lie and it had not been successful or just another example of extremely bad and selective news reporting?!

It really matters not for the end result I'd the same, we are ill informed!


Now there are more gases found that are destroying the atmosphere. So just as I was stating in previous posts which rich big company outranging twats have been pumping then into the atmosphere?! Have they also been fed public money, whoever they are?!

Cannot be that had to find out now can it, after all they know the gases that are involved.

New threat to ozone layer identified

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