Saturday, 15 March 2014


Here we are then?!

I have been waiting for this one to pop up in the news! But because I have discovered for myself that they are extremely selective of the public's stories and/or endeavours that I winners where this one would materials at all.

But then when you think about it as yet another of the stories I have long since covered hits a new report you do have to wonder at some point where or not the new media did not want to attribute all of this to just one never of the public and instead hunt down their own stories to make it look like it was them?!

I mean when you think about it what I have done for the past couple of years must be embarrassing to a fair few people, organisations and companies out there?!

Or maybe they just do not want to give the real people that do this the credit? Or possibly they want all of the money for selling the stories on and not award the prior that started each story they possibly stole?

I have watched various reports concerning the public and wondered if they paid then it even asked their permission?!

On thing I have realised of the BBC and even my father said this when they asked him to appear on TV when I was a kid, that the BBC do not like paying anyone. So my Dad said no and agreed to appear with ITV instead who paid him.

I dare say that they still do this today?! That is expect people to do the Wayne's World salute like they did to Aerosmith just because they filmed them?! Tree that would be typical of the BBC but more importantly is the fact that they charge fur a licence but steal things off people, set people up for a fall and even lie about things to get what they want and ratings! Yet they go around assuming every house on the planet has a TV to watch the crap that is on it and at like the bloody Gestapo and wanting to crucify people in court with a humongous fine and a criminal record?!

Well when I sent much of my stuff off to various news groups I knew I was safe for about three months as that is how long it would take for them to go through it all! I then realised that there was no way they could ignore what I sent them, unless they are completely brain dead or those that check the stuff you send in are?! So the fact that they did not get in contact at all had me thinking I was right about them and despite how they portray themselves are actually just as bad as everyone else I covered!

So the simple answer to bring ignored is that they would run off with my pointers and all my hard work and out everything into getting their own?

I mean think about this for a moment...

... your a new group that wants all the credit and not pay out and you have been given evidence that shows what is going on, what do you do? As you know already what shenanigans is going on you can use all your resources and plenty of people and money to go after each one in turn?!

Of you knew which house was going to win the grand national and someone came back in a time machine and showed you a video then you would very all your savings along with the house on that horse!

Of the same person came back in time and have you three dedicate numbers to come out in the next lottery draw you would spend a fortune on tickets with every combination of numbers with the three that you were given?!

News groups sell stories on. Yes people end up in the news over this story or that. In the case of Edward Snowdon he was OK because of what job he was doing.

But with Mr it was a little different. I had no background and disabled and was not working so who would believe that I did what I did? There was a reason that many I was involved with called me a genius. Two detectives and someone from the Secret Service on the phone! There are others to but cannot recall them all and some hit that important. But with times for me to reply with 'yeah... I get that a lot'.

So with the media it was merely very simple. The fact they they did not respond at all within three months and I figured that one by one my subjects and their... Matters would appear slowly in the media one by one?!

Oddly I have commented on here about many of their new reports that are extremely late to the party. Maybe with these years later stories they style then of members of the public?! So I thought well then if I start my blog and in the first few months dump everything I can and have in there and try and get as many posts and subjects up as quickly as I could then all I would have to do is continue but...

1 No longer send them anymore discoveries...

2 As I posted just wait for my subjects to appear and point then out on here one by ...

3 But as well as doing this I received an email from an MP adding if they could send details of my blog to the media!!

So here is yet another subject of mine regarding what those incompetent local and central government caused by taking yet something else away from the poor they could not possibly pay. I know because they did it to me, as many of you know, and to me to court over it and used ask the obvious trickery! Not only did I know they would use the trickery I in fact wanted then to!!

This is because just like I stated to many naive that disabled people's problems with their benefits taken away is not Atos and that they are guilty but only doing what the DWP TELL THEM! THE END. Like because the Local Councils know calm well that Bailiffs and Debt Companies break the laws of the land and back them up in doing so, as long as they get the cash they do not deserve morally or legally!!


The report below by the BBC states that there had been a humongous rise in Council Tax debt!! Well as long as they did not say 'sudden'?! Lol! Because I was talking about this happening with a local friend and that was over a year ago!! My council have been demanding civil tax off me for at meat 18 months or more now?!

Like I said over and over again on here late to the party yet again piss-ants!!! Lol.

There really is no honour anymore, probably why I could never get a job lol, and it appears to me that most of the humanity, sympathy and compassion they express must be false for the most part?!


'Huge' rise in council tax arrears

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