Monday, 10 March 2014


God, here we go again.

It really is a disappointment to me that it seems like everyone that gets into powerful positions turn into gutter like animals and then prey on others lower down the ranks?!

Do they not know how uncouth thus makes them? Is resisting that human urge of our ancient origins so difficult to resist? How is it that the sensible thinking forward thinking parts of some peoples minds behind subordinate to those or the ancient R-Complex of the brain?! Oddly enough I run into many in my endeavours on a regular basis that seem to talk and act as if this part of the human brain does not work in them or they do not possess it altogether?!

Funny how these also possess lofty positions that many would crave?

It become hilarious when you think that there are those in power that would like to strap devices and microchips into us to see what we do and where we go all the time and yet it is they that prove to us over and over again that it is they that cannot be trusted. Whatever the reasons may be.

MP 'abused young men in Parliament'

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