Wednesday, 26 March 2014


If this died not kick off I for one will be surprised!

Oculus, a company that was started after funds raised on Kickstarter has been sold to Facebook for eleventy billion dollars! Well I get fed up with these stupidly large numbers so 'eleventy' should be in the ballpark somewhere?! Lmao!

Now I for one would be somewhat annoyed with this had I been an investor via kickstarter! I have been following this company for the last 6 months or more and I am extremely surprised and annoyed that Facebook now own them!

Sorry Mr Zuckerberg but there is are no viable reasons I can find that you would want to buy Oculus Rift! As far as I was aware all the games on Facebook were by other companies such as Zynga and even so the only three dimensional games are isometric and not stereo scopic so I am at a loss to understand why you bought it!!

I think that Kickstarter should have a clause in their contracts that state that as members of the public donate their cash that in a given period of time the start up company cannot be sold!

I really do not like the idea that so the greedy evil companies are trying to grab everything as it appears!! It really needs to stop despite it being far too late, God knows how many companies Google have bought, oh yeah around 145 give our take at the time of typing this!!

Google had the resources to buy up 145 and counting!!

Then you have the other few companies of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple of course! But I re day that a number of other smaller companies are getting a bit worried and maybe past that into pissed off?

After all you have the like of Linked In, Mozilla, WordPress along with a list of others struggling to complete! Maybe because they did not want to be greedy?! Lol!

I think that some of the bigger companies likely only started their frantic list of purchases because Google were doing it?! In fact it would not surprise me to find out they all started because of this?! After all what would it be like if Google ended up owning 70 percent or more of everything digital?! Sound far fetched and too big a percentage? Well you have to remember that they have bought over 140 companies and have shown no signs of showing down! Quite the opposite in fact and I date day that this had made many companies a wee bit jumpy?!

All this because someone created a blank page with a stupid childish name and charged a fortune, or conned people and companies, over advertising and likely how high they end up in one of their searches?!

Does not sound like a company that is as good and peaceful as they have promoted themselves as?!

Whenever I state things like that I really want to be wrong. Really! It would be great if people, decent and honest people really did benefit and I suppose I mean the human race and it's progression.
I just do not see it unfortunately.

Facebook buys virtual reality firm

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