Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I must admit he is one clever so and so.
I was unaware that 60% of the people in the Crimea region of Ukraine were Russian?!
So the best majority of the people will be glad they are there. Added to this a portion of the Ukrainians that do not like the infighting could also be glad the Russians are there to stop violence. So you could be looking at 65% or more are glad they are there?
How can the west do anything about that?! They can't is the simple answer and Putin knew this.
Despite my dislike of him for various reasons he is smart and he is a strategist and use the excuse if protecting his people to take over that section of the Ukraine. Probably as a direct result of the missile site in the Czech Republic, also STUPID!!

However what I always find amazing is that the people think he does this for them?! Yeah of course, that is why he went straight for the airports!

Like I said one smart cookie!

Some people think that he won't stop there and that bordering countries to the Ukraine will be next?! No, he won't do this and the very reason I do not like him is why. He is a show off and has been fur some time but I never quite worked out who he was showing off to?!

Cannot be good own people as even they know he rigged the election to stay president of Russia?! That is not someone who cares about his own country and his people. What he is doing now is showing off too?!
I immediately realised that he knew fill well that the Russians in Crimea would want him there. I had not predicted this because I simply did not know the facts. The west can bitch and moan as much as it likes but what can you do when the Russian troops are in an area where most of the people are Russian and want them there?!

What the Americans won't like I'd that Putin will then strut his stuff after it is all over and trek his public that the rest of the world, United Nations, Europe and America all fear him. Hopefully he might be elected in legitimately next time?!

Whether it is showing off, thinking he can win over his public, strategist and wanting access to the Mediterranean I do not know. It could be any combination of the above out none of them. I very much doubt it is the latter?! Lol.

How in the world they are going to solve this one I do not know. But I cannot help by think of the Israelis turfing their own people out of the Gaza strip?! Do not get me wrong, I am not stating their are any other similarities other than non natives being turfed out of land they should not have been in anyway, err sort of?! Lol.

For Putin to go that far he must want the land? Now I would normally state at this point that there are only two solutions that I can see?

The non natives move back to Russia and all is well?

But if you were bright enough, or indeed you were the Russian civilians in Crimea for arguments sake, you would all turn around to Putin, if you really want to know the answer, and say 'OK, ferry is back to Russia and it's at an end!'

They might not like his answer mind you.

The other agencies is that Putin keeps Crimea and the Ukrainians there move over to the east and the Russians in the east move over to Crimea?!

Maybe there is another solution I have not thought about and if so hopefully it is a peaceful one?

It is a bloody complicated one I give you that and it is obvious that Putin already knew this before hand?! 

Well before hand!

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