Thursday, 20 March 2014


It seems cycling is heavily recommended for Fibromyalgia sufferers but I took have this nagging in my head about the days I am not 'with it' all day.

Here are a few links for those with Fibromyalgia...

This following one mentions fighting to stay awake during the day! I find its OK if I am out but if I come home and sit down and am tired and nothing is happening or I am not entertaining myself I can just go out like a light!

Oh my word! Here is someone that had the same issues with the wrists on the handlebars?! That is simply stunning!!! Well that I found that this is a Fibromyalgia issue that is! Lol! Not for Felicia here obviously!

Still looking to see if cycling is dangerous with Fibromyalgia and I found a diagram that is descriptive of Fibromyalgia in simple terms, or as I like to say for the Twitter crowds, Lol.

Now how about how Fibromyalgia affects your emotions, hmm does that make me a saint then?! Lol...

Ooh now what do we have here then?! A law student who not only suffered with Fibromyalgia while doing the bar thing but states she used powerful pain killers to do it, lidocaine injections I have heard about. But more importantly is that she suffered the same for pain as me and describes it pretty well.

You might think the broken leg itself was the disaster. It didn’t help life, but it wasn’t the main disaster. During the recovery period for the first broken leg, I got plantar fasciitis, which if you haven’t had it, can hardly be described in terms of pain. It was like waking up with the level of pain of the initial break every single morning.

I should add that she does not mention about it getting better throughout the day which Plantar fasciitis does but not in my case. It stays either the same level or gets worse and if you abuse it the following morning can be worse than the previous morning so your starting out worse so the end of the day can be worse than the end of the PREVIOUS DAY! Capiche?! Lol!

I will state what I have before but it is entirely and completely because of this reverse behaviour that I argued with over three dozen health staff in a row over 13 years and I went err two while years hiding in a room measuring 6 feet by 9 feet and rarely saw Doctors except for a Psychiatrist who lost his wife, died, while we were meeting and he started asking my advice!!

Still it has taken long enough but I believe I have gone way above and beyond proving my point?! Lol!
The link...

Some other details about cycling with Fibromyalgia...

Interesting one whereby Arthritis Research UK has pages on Fibromyalgia.

A bit of fun with Fibromyalgia now whereby in this following forum a number of period are charting about Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and someone turns around and says that Fibromyalgia is a Hypochondriac's Disease?! I was immediately infuriated until I read others ripping the person to absolute pieces even those that did not have it but new two people close to them that did! Lol!

And another bit of fun as I actually find another GUY who suffers with Fibromyalgia and he states how rate it is for men to have it!! Oh my a mate to speak to without being surrounded by the girly stuff?! Hehehe. Will it's Fibro innit?! There is bound to be girly stuff with Fibro as I skipped post a load of it in my book?! Lol!

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