Thursday, 6 March 2014


Still moaning they got caught out not playing by anyone rules but their own the American politicians still complain to the issue world they were caught acting against?!

I think I know how they got caught out? The are dumb!! Lol! But then they do seem to kill more of each other in any given war than they do the enemy?! Lol!

The incessant whinging about Edward Snowdon had still not subsided and they are barking about what they want as regards the eastern most edge of Europe in the Ukraine?!

No the fact that over 60% of the Crimea region being Russian that goes not matter! Of course if they prevent Russia from keeping the region then your pissing off a large number of the Russian people as well as showboating Putin.

Yes of course there would no no knock on effects over getting your own way over that?! Lol!

I sometimes would like to ask them if they actually give a dam about their own citizens as the number of areas they are pissing off must make it a bit tricky and possibly even dangerous for their own citizens to travel there or work there even?!

In fact when it comes to strategy I do not think they do this fit their own people at all. I think that the rich, say in America for arguments sake as we are on the subject of them anyway, and powerful know that they are pushing people off by getting what they want that they then go and make the situation worse because THEY are scared of the retaliation?! They are scatter if the bombs dropping on their lawns?! So SCT to protect themselves personally. This includes making the country look defended to the hilt which doubles up, luckily for them, to look like they are doing it for the entire country?!


Yup, I really do see the most outlandish possibilities I do but they are still possibilities just the same! They also look far more likely the more and more you think about it over several months, lol.

I must admit Putin acted a bit early with the referendum making look as if he did exactly as I thought and already cooked up the plan to hold this referendum before he even have the order to his red army to go into the Crimea.

I thought it would be another week before he mentioned anything like this?!

Maybe he is not as smart as I thought?

Maybe he was just desperate for some adoring public because when the Crimea's Russians were praising Putin that just have been the first time ever anyone outside him as most others want him out?!

Hmm maybe it's a double edged sword and he gains some voters... wait? I think I covered that possibility previously?!



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